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Unification is a fast-deployable blockchain platform with built-in cost and speed predictability, high-level protection, and business efficiency.

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What is Unification (UND and FUND)?

Unification is a fast-deployable blockchain platform with built-in cost and speed predictability, high-level protection, and business efficiency. Unification is a 2-layer protocol for enterprise consulting and software development. The project has a token called FUND that is designed to allow companies to tokenize their data and convert it to a liquid format that can be purchased, sold, or exchanged over a blockchain. Independent developers also require a UND token that is available via the testnet stage.

The Unification team are trying to evolve their project both rapidly and consistently. They have decided that all transactions on the network should be either free or as close to free as possible. Companies should have the opportunity to use their own tokens without fluctuating prices. These assets may be stable and depend on the parameters set by the validators. The developers are also trying to create an interoperability mechanism capable of converting fungible/non-fungible assets into other implementations of the global ecosystem under the right circumstances while allowing their own validation methods.

How does it work?

There are two main parts of the Unification ecosystem, the “Mainchain” and “WRKChain,” which are represented as a 2-layer system with so-called sidechains. The Mainchain is a blockchain built on a BFT PoS chain with a native currency named FUND.

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Mainchain governance is implemented through DSG (Distributed Stake Governance): there are 96 EVs (elected validators) that maintain network processes and collect tax for validation blocks. Anyone can become the EV, requiring a vote and a stake. The DSG was designed to provide a high level of attack resistance. Mainchain is the backbone of the network. Its primary role is to increase the trust of a WRKChain by recording a submission of its headers and maintaining the chain of those recordings, and additionally facilitating the native transfer of FUND between accounts. Mainchain does not have native support for dApps or smart contracts, which require their own WRKChain in order to run. FUND is designed to be a trusted entity that validates and collects fees from other ecosystem entities. Each WRKChain is rooted in Mainchain with its own expansion data log.


A WRKChain is a semi-private blockchain designed to serve a group of entities that need to be held accountable to each other. Each partner hosts a node that validates all transactions in accordance with its rules and ensures the data invariability. This is a so-called sidechain solution. When an entity wants to open its own WRKChain, it uploads an “expansion log” to the Mainchain, which is technically equivalent to a smart contract.

WRKChain validators are able to process intra-WRKChain smart contracts and token transfers but are NOT able to control or submit changes for transfers of FUND, as FUND is controlled only by DSG consensus of the Mainchain.

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Beacon tool

Beacon is a core Unification blockchain tool that provides immutability and security to an existing database. It allows a single company to integrate the existing database structure (mySQL, AWS, etc) and enable its database to be audited. This is exceptionally useful for companies that need to prove that their data has not been changed by a hacker or an administrator acting in bad faith. Anyone can verify the validity of the database. Beacon can be applied to most current systems and processes, depending on the needs of the company. Such a combination of technologies creates a fast and scalable ecosystem allowing independent entities to deploy useful scaled solutions while maintaining speed and privacy.

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