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Near is not just another coin entering the market. It is one of the most anticipated projects on the market that solves scalability problems.

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About Near

Near is not just another token entering the market; it is one of the most anticipated projects on the market that solves scalability problems. What's more, it is a complete decentralized application platform. The network runs on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism called Nightshade, aiming to ensure scalability and stable commission.

NEAR is a token of its utility that is used for:

  • Commission for transaction processing and data storage
  • Launching validator nodes on the network by placing NEAR tokens
  • Used for management voting to determine how network resources are allocated

NEAR tools include:

  • NEAR SDK, which includes standard data structures and test tools for Rust and AssemblyScript
  • Gitpod for NEAR to create zero adaptation time for developers
  • NEAR Explorer helps both in contract debugging and in coping with network performance
  • NEAR Command Line Tools, which allows developers to deploy applications from local systems

How to get NEAR?

  • Earn: you can earn NEAR by participating in development grants, managing a community that helps people build NEARs, winning a NEAR Hackaton, or otherwise participating actively in the community. If you can get other people to lend you tokens for stacking, you can also make money by running a validator.
  • Buy: NEAR is available on several major exchanges, where you can register and buy tokens using fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

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NEAR Token Economy

NEAR token is an adhesive that binds the NEAR protocol, allowing network users to pay for services provided by network operators who run the code deployed. The NEAR economy is designed to make a network safe but inexpensive to use, even if it is scalable. This is how it works.

NEAR is a PoS network, which means that each block of the network is only approved when a sufficient number of validators agree that each of the transactions it contains has been completed correctly. The validators involved in this process use the equipment that manages the network, but a "pool of bets supports each". Token holders from the entire ecosystem can lend or 'delegate' their tokens to any of these pools. When validators vote for block approval, their votes are weighted according to how many tokens they have in the bet pools.

How to get Near rewards?

Validators are rewarded for providing network operation services by receiving rewards in new tokens for each block, proportional to the number of shares that the Validator has in its pool. They can choose what proportion of these tokens they will retain and what proportion they will pass on to the delegates who have passed on their share. The network initially creates 5% of the new tokens each year, of which 90% go to these validator rewards, and 10% are allocated to the protocol treasury to support continuous development.

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