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Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It's a permissionless, decentralized cryptocurrency that requires no trusted third parties and no central bank.

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

The maximum block size in the Bitcoin blockchain is limited to 1 MB, which limits the number of transactions that can be validated at any given time. As a result, people who send transactions are waiting longer and longer for confirmation as Bitcoin usage continues to grow. Those who choose to pay higher transaction fees get priority, but overall congestion is evident. The average time to verify Bitcoin transactions has dropped significantly, and this trend is likely to continue. The solution to this problem may seem simple at first glance: just add a block size. However, it is not that simple, as there are many important pros and cons to consider when making such changes. Many in the Bitcoin community advocate leaving things as they are, while others criticize the larger maximum block size. Finally, Bitcoin is hard forked. The split happened on August 1, 2017, marking the creation of Bitcoin Cash as its own cryptocurrency.

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How to Buy Bitcoin Cash


Buy Bitcoin Cash with SEPA Transfer

SEPA, a payment method for fast and easy payments with Euros. White label user-friendly SEPA purchase solution for BCH and 50+ other cryptocurrencies.


Buy Bitcoin Cash with Credit Card

You can easily purchase BCH with credit card on Guarda. We offer the best rates to buy BCH using debit card or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

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How to use Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


A long-term investment in BCH with the expectation of it increasing in value. You can safely store your BCH in Guarda Wallet.

Exchange Bitcoin Cash

Instantly exchange Bitcoin Cash with the best BCH exchange rates. We offer many trading pairs for Bitcoin Cash trading through our exchange partners.

Send Bitcoin Cash

Guarda allows you to easily buy Bitcoin Cash online and send it to anyone and anywhere with their Bitcoin Cash address.

Receive Bitcoin Cash

Receive Bitcoin Cash from anyone instanteniously through your web browser, mobile phone or desktop app.

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Long months of stress in anticipation of the fork’s implementation is finally coming to its logical conclusion, and it seems that Bitcoin Cash Node will take the place of the leading token. Bitcoin ABC, the historically dominant implementation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has given way to a community-led riot in the form of a Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN). However, Guarda supports both coins so as not to be controversial in the community, moreover, we have the split functionality available.

After the hardfork, your address and balance were duplicated in ABC/BCHN networks. Any transaction will also be duplicated in both Networks. In order to avoid losing funds, you can split your address using Guarda BCH Split functionality and automatically get two separate addresses with current balances.

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Bitcoin Cash Advantages

1. Instant payment transfer

You will instantly send and receive the amount of money you want. No more waiting time like when you choose another trader. A block of Bitcoin Cash in a blockchain is eight times larger than a block of Bitcoin. This makes BCH faster, cheaper, and easier to scale than Bitcoin. As of May 15, 2018, the block size is increasing. The current block size of BCH is 32 MB. BCH provides faster authentication and transaction processing with larger blocks. The overall scalability of the network is increasing and transaction fees are dropping, creating a win-win situation for everyone. BCH can now be scaled well so that the data processing is even smaller. This leads to lower transaction fees. Bitcoin Cash has a cheaper transfer fee (about $0.20 per transaction) compared to BTC, so performing a transaction in BCH will save you more money than with BTC.

2. Greater scalability and potential threats to Bitcoin

As Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto suggested, Bitcoin should be used as a "peer-to-peer" cryptocurrency for daily transactions. Although bitcoin is gaining momentum and its price has skyrocketed over the years, bitcoin serves more as an investment vehicle than a currency.

Its blockchain has scalability problems because it cannot handle the growing volume of transactions. Verification times and transaction fees in the bitcoin blockchain are increasing. This is mainly due to the 1MB block size limit for bitcoins. Regular transactions delayed verification, and all because the block could not handle the increase in transaction size. Bitcoin Cash proposes to remedy the situation by increasing the block size. The idea itself is about Bitcoin's limitations because Bitcoin fans fear the "centralization" of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin Cash can perfectly realize its original idea, Bitcoin will slowly lose value.