Guarda Utility Token

One key to all doors - our native token, uniting Guarda's service ecosystem. Join us on our journey to a new financial reality.

Learn how to get a Guarda token, use it and unlock the unique features we are preparing exclusively for our users.

Address: 0x002f6cCea40d491B9731fe5189896d8A950C5F89


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Guarda Utility Token

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Starting in 2021

Collect GRD token

Referral Program Launched

Tell your friends about Guarda. Each of your referrals gives you a percentage of their exchanges. Read the terms of the program.

Exchange CryptoExchange

Swap for Guarda token on Uniswap
Start a journey to Guarda’s unique services. Current price is

Guarda CashbackCashback

When spending becomes rewarding. Buy, exchange crypto in Guarda Wallet and get cashback!

Stake CryptoStaking

Get Guarda tokens via staking. More offers with more tokens! A simple and convenient way to stake GRD tokens in Guarda Wallet.

Get EOS AccountEOS Account

Managing your EOS accounts becomes easier with a GRD token. Create an account with a discount and stake resources even if you don't have enough EOS.


Accept only trusted transactions and check addresses for illegal activity. An additional package of checks is available for purchase with the GRD token.

Human-Readable Addresses

One domain to rule them all. Link your addresses to a human-readable domain and make your life easier. Buy an HRA in Guarda Wallet with a GRD token and get a discount!

Unstoppable domains FIO Protocol

Get perks

Enjoy exclusive offers in Guarda Wallet. Get a substantial discount when paying with GRD tokens. Starting in July 2021

Get perks in GRD token

Exclusive promotion services and offers

Grow your business with blockchain technology. Starting in September 2021

Exclusive promotion services and offers

Tokenize your serviceTokenize your service

Create your personal ERC20 token in two steps. Instant access to the blockchain network for your business. Get a discount with GRD token.

Access to the exchangeAccess to the exchange

List your token on Uniswap with no effort. Let Guarda take care of the rest. Get a discount with GRD token.

Promotion packagePromotion package

Various promotional activities for your business - banners, AMA session, promo articles and social media posts. Meet new users with Guarda Wallet

And a lot more

Nothing is made in no time. So buckle up - the big adventure is coming!

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Download our Whitepaper to learn more about our vision on Guarda Token and blockchain industry as a whole.

and a lot more coming to grd
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