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DAI is decentralized and backed by collateral. The Maker Protocol, which allows anyone anywhere in the world to generate Dai, aims to facilitate greater security, transparency, and trust.

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What is MakerDAO (DAI)?

Maker is a platform designed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain whose main objective is to create a decentralized currency pegged to a real asset. DAI is a stablecoin without volatility that can be used by any business or individual. The Maker platform offers users both the DAI coin and MKR token. DAI is pegged to the real price of the US dollar, with the rate continually kept at 1 DAI = $1. The Maker project supports only ERC-20 standard tokens, but developers have plans to create a decentralized exchange with the possibility of margin trading for various cryptocurrencies in the future. Maker (DAI) is often called MakerDAO. MKR tokens are used for several purposes, including to attract investments in the project. MKR holders are also shareholders with significant influence on the ecosystem, through making decisions by community voting.

MakerDAO History

The project was created in late 2015 by founder Rune Christensen. DAI officially entered into circulation on 18/12/2017 as the first completely decentralized Ethereum-based stablecoin. The project was created as an attempt to solve two key problems with cryptocurrencies: volatility and reliability. While pegging the coin to the fiat exchange rate reduces the interest of investors, it forms a stable monetary unit capable of carrying out a variety of trading activities.

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DAI features

History has seen many projects on the blockchain that have already proposed stablecoins as a solution to the problem of volatility, the most popular platform with these capabilities being Tether (USDT). However, in the case of USDT, lack of openness and the unreliable issue of the coin tends to scare away the cryptocurrency community. In addition to Tether, the cryptocurrency world has other stablecoins - TrueUSD (TUSD), USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD), etc. - but the main difference of DAI is the value-providing mechanism, enabled by technology called Collateralized Debt Position or CDP. This is a type of structured asset-backed security where each token is backed by a specific real asset that the client takes from the system on credit and then gives back. All the functioning is based on honest smart contracts. Using the Ethereum blockchain, the Maker cryptocurrency solved the problem of stablecoins - it is now impossible to issue uncontrolled, unlimited, and unsupported DAI tokens. This is one of the reasons for creating the MKR token because the platform needs "fuel" to function, like 'gas' in the Ethereum network. DAI can be used as a tool for reliable storage of funds and for user settlements. When a user invests in digital assets, a certain part of the investment is lost due to high volatility. DAI is the ideal tool for profit-taking because funds are simply held in a cryptocurrency whose price does not change. DAI is not volatile, and there is no need to pay fees converting crypto to fiat.

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How to use DAI?

  • Gambling markets - it is not profitable to make long-term bets using volatile cryptocurrencies because this carries huge risks. Using DAI allows users to limit the risk of the usual probability of losing.
  • Financial markets - stablecoin collateral is well suited for smart contracts on options and derivatives. The CDP system also offers interest-free decentralized trading instruments.
  • International trade - the cost of international transactions can be very high, but DAI, through eliminating intermediaries, can reduce costs.
  • Transparent bookkeeping systems - thanks to fully verified transactions, DAI allows organizations to improve work efficiency and reduce the likelihood of corruption.
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