Monero Hardfork
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Monero Hardfork

What is Monero and its hardfork?

Monero (XMR) is an open-source cryptocurrency that was launched in April 2014. Its main feature is the complete anonymity of transactions, a high level of decentralization, and confidentiality. You can learn more about what it is and all its subtleties in our Academy. (more…)

Why are ethereum fees so high
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Network Fees. Why so high?

What is Gas?

Gas, Satoshi, Should I refuel my car with Asian fuel?

Not quite so. If you are a little familiar with the vast world of the ecosystem built by the Ethereum Foundation, the word “gas” will not cause you anxiety attacks. Just like satoshi in the Bitcoin ecosystem. (more…)

Guarda + Ledger
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Guarda Wallet + Ledger


The Ledger Nano is the most popular, safe, and reliable hardware wallet for the storage of cryptocurrencies. What happens if we merge its functionality with Guarda? Is it possible? Yes! (more…)

Ama Recap with QTUM
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AMA Recap with $QTUM

1. One of the common staking problems is that not all people have computers with enough capacity to dedicate them to it. How does QTUM improve the user experience through staking? Why did QTUM decide to include privacy options?