Komodo Staking

Take advantage of Komodo Platform’s stake system, producing 5% rewards for simply having KMD in your Guarda Wallet.

KMD Staking Calculator

Your Holdings:

Value: $0.00

Monthly income: 0.00 KMD | $0.00
Annual income: 0.00 KMD | $0.00
Annual yield: +5.1%
KMD Staking Calculator
Price: $ 0.00
APY: 5.1%

What is Komodo Staking?

Any Komodo address holding a value greater than 10 KMD is elligeble to claim KMD Rewards. To encourage active users, the rewards will stop accruing 1 month after a transaction. So claiming your reward at least once a month is recommended. If the reward is claimed at least once a month, the total reward adds up to 5.1% in a year.

Komodo Price Chart

Annual Yield of Komodo KMD Staking

Annual Yield

Monthly Yield of KMD Staking

Monthly Yield

Daily Rate of Komodo Staking

Daily Rate

Komodo Marketcap


$0.00 B
Komodo 24h Volume


$ 0.00 M
Komodo Price


$ 0.00
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The Difference with Proof-of-Stake

Don't confuse this mechanism with Proof of Stake (PoS). You don't have to be online or run a full node (native mode) to receive the reward. Komodo's UTXOs accrue rewards based on UTXO value and locktime.

Also, note that rewards do not apply to funds held on most exchanges where you do not own the private key! This means that if you want to claim your 5% reward, you should transfer your KMD from an exchange wallet to your Guarda Wallet.

Secure Komodo Staking

Komodo Staking Rewards

Fixed Rate

Komodo holders generate a fixed 5% KMD annually.

Komodo Staking Rewards


All you need to do is to hold more than 10 KMD on your wallet. After the initial wait time passes, the option to claim your Komodo rewards will become available.

Komodo Staking Rewards

No Risk

Staking Komodo is safe as long you protect your private keys which you have full control of on Guarda.


Earn passive income with your crypto assets in Guarda Wallet.

Easy to use

Easily start staking in just 3 clicks

Variety of assets

Over 10 coins already supported for staking

Validators selection

A huge list of validators
Choose the one you trust


Stake on Web, Desktop or your mobile device

Trusted coins

Only trusted and popular assets available for staking

Simple withdrawal

Very simple process of withdrawing earned rewards

Download Komodo Staking Wallet

Store, send, buy, sell, stake and exchange crypto using the decentralized, non-custodial crypto wallet. Your data stays private – account registration isn’t required.

Other Platforms

How to Stake Komodo (KMD)?

  • Komodo KMD Staking Wallet Step 1. You need to have at least 10 KMD on your Guarda wallet in order to begin staking.
  • Komodo Staking Next Step
  • Komodo KMD Staking ValidatorsStep 2. Your funds have to come from another wallet which enables the Komodo claim.
  • KMD Staking Next Step
  • Komodo KMD Staking Rewards Step 3. You need to wait for roughly 75 minutes while your rewards begin accruing. Only after this period passes will the Claim option appear in your wallet.

Very important!

If you have unclaimed KMD rewards, DO NOT transfer your regular KMD funds elsewhere. If you do that, your unclaimed KMD rewards will be lost and defaulted to 0. To prevent that, before sending your funds to a different wallet, please ensure that you have claimed your KMD rewards beforehand.
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