What is ChainLink?

One of the main problems in the Blockchain world is the limited interaction and lack of integration with data and payment systems from the real economy. As yet there is no large-scale and uniform ecosystem.

ChainLink offers a range of technical solutions that allow you to “upgrade” the capabilities of smart-contracts, giving you the opportunity to connect smart-contracts to data sources and any external APIs. It also provides the ability to send payments using smart-contracts to bank accounts and popular payment systems.

ChainLink has also developed “Oracles”; very important software that enables extended access to the Ethereum smart-contracts. Using “Oracles”, you can create programmable smart-contracts for payments between two parties after the implementation of certain agreements, and without intermediaries. These smart-contracts can replace any documentary agreements which require access to financial resources that exist outside the blockchain (off-chain).

Today, there is practically no interaction between various traditional payment systems and blockchain technology (cryptocurrencies). ChainLink “Oracles” enables smart-contracts to interact with data providers, banking organizations, and famous payment networks. ChainLink looks to be a solution for cryptocurrencies integrating into the banking sector and taking full advantage of smart-contracts in traditional economies.

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You can read more detailed articles about ChainLink and blockchain as a whole in our Academy.

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