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Secure and convenient mobile crypto wallet to buy, stake, store, and exchange cryptocurrencies, tokens, and stablecoins. Sync your wallets across web or desktop.

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iOS and Android Crypto Wallet | Multicurrency Wallet | Guarda

Multitasking Made Easy

Guarda iOS and Android Crypto Wallet is a perfectly balanced blend of speed, safety, performance and excellent user experience

All in one wallet

Native support for 45+ blockchains in one easily accessible place

Ultimate security

Full control over private keys. Encrypted backup for extra safety

You are in charge

We do not store any of the user's personal information

Fast Transactions

Buy, send or exchange crypto in just a few taps.

Stake and Earn

Stake and get rewards just by holding cryptocurrencies

Easy to use

No registration. Full list of your coins on a single screen

Wallet Connect

Open protocol for connecting your Guarda Wallet to Dapps

  • Easily connect to any dApp

    Easily connect to any dApp

  • Quick Setup

    Quick Setup

  • substantial discount

    Simply scan a QR code to connect

Connect to dApps via WalletConnect

All crypto assets in one place

Support for over 50 major blockchains and 400k+ tokens. Stay in full control of your private keys.

Wallet Available everywhere

The wallet and the transaction history is available on any device. Restore the wallets, check the transactions or manage coins anywhere, at any time.

The wallet backup is conveniently synchronised on multiple devices. To eliminate all the possible threats, the fresh data is available in the most recent backup.

Wallet available everywhere

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