AML Checks

Protect yourself from receiving illicit funds from dark or even illegal sources. Screen addresses or transactions for connection to criminal activities, stay safe from fraudsters.

Anti-Money Laundering Screening For Crypto | Secure Crypto Wallet

What is AML for?

Anti-Money Laundering is a comprehensive set of processes, regulations, and rules that together cohesively combat money laundering, terrorism funding, and other financial crimes such as identity fraud. AML aims to detect and disrupt money laundering activities.

By accepting funds from suspicious wallets, you run the risk of regulatory actions from supervisory authorities



Make sure that the address you send to has not been used for shopping on the darknet



Check that the address or a transaction is not associated with any illegal activities



Sleep calmly knowing that you are not accepting funds related to terrorism or drug trafficking

How does it work?

How to use AML on Guarda

Download the App

If you don't have it yet, download it for iOS, Android, or Huawei

Get a result

Receive a short summary and see whether the address is safe

Choose a wallet or transaction

Our partner checks addresses against different databases and identifies suspicious transactions.

Click on 3 dots

In Guarda App in the top right corner, then choose AML Check

5 Free Checks

You can do up to 5 checks per month for free

Export Full Report

You can get a detailed statistics on the wallet or transaction(s), including a percentage of how risky the funds are.

Where to start?

You can start by watching our tutorial to see how easy it is to get a peace of mind and not worry about where your funds come from or to.

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