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Ocean Protocol Wallet

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What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean is an ecosystem for creating data markets, where users can buy and sell any kind of information on a decentralized basis. The Ocean protocol, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Ocean aims to make the data sets on its platform available to startups and researchers, while keeping the data in the hands of those who store it. The foundation of the protocol relies on artificial intelligence to monetize data and level the playing field for access to it. This is accomplished with simple tools responsible for publishing data and consuming it in the format of decentralized Datatokens. Datatokens can interact with exchanges, wallets for ERC-20, etc. The information can be stored locally to preserve privacy.

Ocean's software is designed to facilitate data sharing by connecting users who need data and don't have the resources to store it with those who have extra resources. In exchange for their work, providers receive OCEAN, Ocean's native cryptocurrency.OCEAN is the platform's service token that serves to manage the community network and data stakes, and is used to buy and sell data as the basic unit of exchange in the Ocean Market.

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