Best NFT Games in 2022-2023

NFT games allow for an immersive and player-driven experience, providing a way for players to earn real-world value from their in-game achievements.

It’s no secret that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the hottest new trend in the world of gaming. As the world of NFTs continues to grow and evolve, many existing and upcoming exciting games capture the imaginations of gamers and crypto-enthusiasts alike.

2021 was a big year for NFTs as sales surpassed $25 billion, with roughly $3.4 billion spent on NFT in-game assets. In 2022 more games hit the market while others are anticipated. So, what are NFT games?

They are games played on the blockchain. They are different from traditional games because they don’t have a centralized server and instead rely on the blockchain to store all the data. NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens, meaning each asset is unique and can’t be replaced by another. NFTs can be images, GIFs, LAND, collectibles, avatars, human-readable addresses, in-game assets, etc. This makes them perfect for gaming because it allows players to trade their tokens with other players.

This post will discuss some of the best NFT games in 2022. These games will include those that have the most engaging gameplay, a strong community, the best graphics, and the most innovative ideas.


CryptoKitties is one of the first and most popular NFT games. It is a digital collectible game that allows players to breed, collect, and trade digital cats. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent ownership of digital cats.


Decentraland is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that uses Ethereum-based smart contracts to power its in-game economy. It is an open-source virtual world that allows its players to purchase LAND, build their own experiences, and earn revenue from their creations.

The role-playing game uses NFTs to represent ownership of virtual land, property, wearables, emotes, and names.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an NFT-based game that allows players to create their own worlds and share them with others. It is all powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The game is easy to play and has a lot of potential for creativity. The possibilities are endless, and the game is a lot of fun. These games offer players a unique opportunity to own a piece of the game world and interact with it in a way that is impossible in traditional titles.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the leading NFT gaming platforms on the market, offering a unique and exciting gaming experience. In Axie Infinity, players can breed, train, and battle their Axies - cute little creatures that are part animal, part machine.

The game is easy to pick up, but there’s a lot of depth to it. There are hundreds of different Axie breeds, and each has its unique stats and abilities. Train your Axies well, and you can take on the best in the world in the game’s PvP battles.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a blockchain game that allows players to own, trade, and use blockchain-based collectible cards. The possibilities for what gamers can do with cryptocurrency are endless. The card game is played online, similar to games like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering. What makes Gods Unchained unique is that all of the cards in the game are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Every card in the game is unique and can be traded or sold on the open market.

Gods Unchained—one of the best free NFT card games—is completely decentralized. There is no company or centralized entity that controls the game. Instead, the game is run by a community of players that own and trade the cards.

The Best Upcoming NFT Games

With the recent explosion of interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens), it’s no surprise that there are now a growing number of NFT-based games in development. This part of the post includes play-to-earn platforms in the works and soon to be released.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the most anticipated upcoming blockchain-based games set to release in 2022. In addition, the game offers strategic space exploration and mining. The MMO game features a survival mode in which players fly their ships across space and build mining facilities. The spaceships come in different sizes and have different rarity modes.

Players can join any of the three factions, directly affect the metaverse, and earn real-world money for their efforts. The factions are MUD Territory, ONI Region, and Ustur Sector. In addition, Star Atlas intends to provide both player vs. player (PvP) and player vs. environment (PvE) combat. You can purchase the in-game assets needed for exploration on the marketplace within the ecosystem.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians will be a multiplayer fantasy-action RPG that allows you to create your own ‘Guardians’ and compete in guilds to earn rewards that you can trade for real money. The game will be accessible on iOS and Android devices in 2022.

The in-game currency, Gems, is an ERC-20 token created, issued, and distributed by Guardians Guild Limited. Players can acquire Gems by playing the game for free, but they must spend Gems every time they want to add a new asset to the blockchain. You can use these materials to make products or summon heroes, which you can trade for real money.

The heroes have various properties which determine their price and ability.

  1. Factions: Empire, Glade, Horde.
  2. Class: Ranger, Melee, Mage.
  3. Element: Earth, Fire, Water, Dark, Light.
  4. Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary.
  5. Pets: Workers, Scouts, Hunter.

Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks will be the world’s first AAA kill-to-earn first-person zombie shooter. Players can earn money daily by killing zombies with Weapon Loadout NFTs. In addition, users can make Gold Z BUX daily thanks to a changing Daily Leaderboard Challenge. Gold ZBUX can be exchanged for certain cryptocurrencies or used to purchase rare and limited edition in-game items and weapons.

The game must be downloaded to a PC or Mac, and a smooth connection to a Playstation or Xbox controller by Bluetooth or plug-in allows gamers who prefer handheld remote gaming to experience Undead Blocks in the most comfortable way.

Game Modes

  • Solo - Survive as many waves as you can alone.
  • Squads - Gather your buddies and play with a party size of 2 to 4 people to work together to defeat zombies.
  • SpeedRun - You must complete a certain number of waves as soon as possible!

Born to Die

Born to Die Game is an AAA-class FPS game set in the metaverse. Players battle the environment and one another to fulfill various challenges/missions. The game involves a war between 4 factions, each contributing to the collection of rare NFTs through multiple tasks, levels, and PvE. The game’s purpose is to enable time travel for their faction. With their Heroes, Weapons, Levels, and NPC powers, the group that unlocks time travel advances to the following season.

The story takes place in the ZetaVerse, a metaverse in the present time. A pandemic has hit the metaverse, and to find the source and stop it from happening, players must go back 10,000 years to the ancient MesoVerse. Heroes must go on a risky journey with the help of a Portal Key. This combines many elements, gems, and rare earth metals. When they are combined, they open the portal.

Phase 1 of the game is expected to launch in the 2nd quarter of 2022 with PvE mode, while the PvP mode will launch sometime later.


ZomFi is a zombie shooter game played in the third person. It combines the thrill of combating Zombies with Blockchain elements to offer an immersive gaming experience. The game follows one of two heroes, Laura or Logan, as they try to survive the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

To protect themselves, they must explore the wasteland to obtain gear and fight off zombie bosses (Juggernaut, Gluttony, Necro Knight, Mango Devourer). Digital tokens will be used to purchase game items and advance to higher levels in ZomFi.

According to the roadmap, the game is expected to release first on PC and then on mobile (Android and iOS) in Q3 of 2022.

Fantasy Arena

Fantasy Arena is an upcoming metaverse run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. On the Marketplace, you may buy and sell cards with other members of the Fantasy Arena community. Choose the best cards for your game style to use in battle.

You can also purchase LAND in the metaverse. As a Landowner, you can easily lend your cards to other players, friends, or owners within the Fantasy Arena Metaverse. You also receive various economic perks, such as private scholarships, which allow you to split the profit between yourself and other players. Then, rentals, which enable owners to rent out their LAND for income.

To construct your fighting strategy, you will need to combine these four categories of characters:

  • Magic. They use spells to weaken their enemies.
  • Warrior. Slow in speed, but they can attack their opponents from any distance.
  • Tank. They are the most difficult to defeat and have a great defense.
  • Support. As the name suggests, they fight close allies and distract the enemy when needed.

Fantasy Arena characters have various rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Special, and Mythic. The first 3 are very common, while the last 2 are rare and one-of-a-kind. The characters’ price, traits, and skills depend on their rarity, scarcity, and number of stars.

Eternal Dragons

Trailblazer Games designed Eternal Dragons as a new IP to convey the story of the Eternal Dragons series. The series’s current installments, which run on the Solana network, are as follows:

  • Prologue: Genesis;
  • Chapter 1: Strife;
  • Chapter 2: House of Dragons;
  • Chapter 3: War of Kings.

The game’s wallpaper features the first 2 installments, which will drop in 2022. The Genesis launch will involve the release of 10,000 unique Gen-Eternal Dragons. There will also be a breeding game that will populate the cosmos with Descendant Eternal Dragons.

A Genesis Eternal Dragons NFT can have one of 12 affinities, 9 classes, or 5 rarities. A Dragon’s class determines its overall appearance and playstyle, while its affinity determines its primary color. The rarity of its traits will determine its power. They will also have a variety of unique personality traits and special abilities to use in battle.


Worldcrash is a play-to-earn WAX blockchain-based game in which you can immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic universe. Your mission is to survive in underground bunkers with other players while generating resources.

The game takes place in the year 2079. Following the global financial crisis, hundreds of nuclear missiles were launched into every part of the globe, forcing people to seek refuge in underground shelters. There was so much radiation on the surface that even underground survival was difficult. The sole livable region was Worldcrash Valley, occupied by the world’s most powerful people.

The game includes the NFTs for characters’ survival, equipment, shelters, power plants, spears, gears, and a Worldcrash key card. It is a unique game with quadruple in-game tokens:

  • Worldcrash Food Token (WCF)
  • Worldcrash Water Token (WCW)
  • Worldcrash Medication Token (WCM)
  • Worldcrash Power Token (WCP)

Dark Throne

Dark Throne is a ‘hack and slash inspired’ action role-playing game. The game will launch in the 3rd quarter of 2022 and is being developed by EPIC LEAGUE. Heroes from the game’s ecosystem, like the Paladin, Assassin, and Demon Hunter, battle multiple demons in randomly generated dungeons while using their equipment and abilities.

NFTs are needed during game-play and are categorized into:

  • Totem NFTs, which are in the form of avatars (Paladin, Assassin, and Demon). Each character has its pose and attribute. The avatar you choose has a role to play within the game.
  • User NFTS, which allows users to create their own NFTs with certain items obtained while playing the game. You can also trade the NFTs with other users.


MetaGuardians will be an action role-playing game available on PC and mobile devices. The game is divided into two sides, Good and Evil, with three NFT collections associated with each. NFT owners will also be able to rent out their NFTs to players in exchange for a percentage of the yield—scholarship.

The attributes of your NFT Character will influence gameplay. MetaGuardians play-to-earn universe will allow players to earn Power Stones and Guardianite. You may use these mechanics to create new NFT characters and make additional in-game purchases/fees.

MetaGuardians will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to the roadmap. The game will also have a pool of NFT collectibles to be distributed as game rewards. The game collection comprises 5,000 male and 5,000 female characters ready to defend the universe. In addition, they include Guardians, Villains, Sidekicks, and NFTs from future collections.

The Best Play-To-Earn Games

Play-to-earn games are a new type of game that is based on non-fungible tokens. These games provide players with a fun and interactive way to earn rewards. The play-to-earn model has become increasingly popular in the gaming industry. This model allows players to earn real-world rewards by playing games.

  1. Decentraland
  2. Axie Infinity
  3. CryptoKitties
  4. Splinterlands
  5. Gods Unchained
  6. Spells of Genesis
  7. The Sandbox
  8. Blockchain Cuties
  9. My Crypto Heroes
  10. Cryptovoxels

NFT Metaverse Games

NFT metaverse games are an exciting genre of gaming that combines the best aspects of online gaming with the benefits of blockchain technology. As a result, they are quickly becoming some of the most popular games in the world.

Here are 10 of the best NFT metaverse games to play.

  1. Decentraland
  2. The Sandbox
  3. Cryptovoxels
  4. Axie Infinity
  5. My Neighbor Alice
  6. Illuvium
  7. Battle Infinity
  8. Star Atlas
  9. MOBOX
  10. Upland

Android and iOS NFT Games

The world of video games is constantly evolving, which allows players to play their favorite games on the go. And within the mobile world, there are two leading operating systems: Android and iOS. Android and iOS offer various games with interfaces suitable for mobile devices for a great user experience. While there are several different Android and iOS play-to-earn platforms available, some of the most popular include:

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Splinterlands
  3. Polygonum
  4. MOBOX
  5. My Crypto Heroes
  6. Voxies
  7. The Red Village
  8. The Killbox Game
  9. Veggies Farm
  10. Spells of Genesis

NFT Battle Games

They are play-to-earn ecosystems that offer a unique and immersive gaming experience. In these games, players use their in-game items—weapon, avatar, creature—to battle one another in various game modes. This allows for high-level customization and strategic planning, as players can tailor their loadouts to suit their playing style.

Here are 10 of the best NFT battle games that you can play today:

  1. Crypto Kitties
  2. Axie Infinity
  3. Gods Unchained
  4. Decentraland
  5. Ethermon
  6. Blockchain Cuties
  7. My Crypto Heroes
  8. Blockchain Heroes
  9. Voxies
  10. The Red Village
  11. Crazy Defense Heroes

NFT Card Games

These games use blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent marketplace for players to buy, sell, and trade their cards. As a result, NFT card games offer several benefits over traditional card games.

First, they provide a more secure and transparent marketplace for players to trade cards. Second, NFT card games use blockchain technology to track ownership of each card, ensuring that each card is unique and can be traded freely without the risk of counterfeiting. Finally, NFT card games allow players to create and trade custom cards. This allows players to create their own game experiences and share them with the community.

There are a few different NFT card games available right now, each with its unique take on the concept. If you’re looking to get into the world of this play-to-earn gaming, here are 10 of the best ones to check out:

  1. Gods Unchained
  2. Splinterlands:
  3. Alien Worlds
  4. Axie Infinity
  5. Sorare
  6. Dark Country
  7. Spells of Genesis
  8. vEmpire: The Beginning
  9. Crazy Defense Heroes
  10. Ether Legends

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for general informational purposes only. They are not intended to provide specific financial or investment advice. The Guarda editorial staff reminds you of the risk of speculation in all financial markets. All financial activities carried out by you are made at your own risk.


1. What is an NFT in gaming?

NFTs are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replaced. NFTs represent in-game items or currency and can be bought, sold, or traded like other digital assets. For example, an NFT might represent a special weapon that can only be used by the player who owns it.

2. Can I play NFT games for free?

You can play NFT games for free, but many require purchasing in-game items or currency. In addition, players may need to own an NFT to access certain game content.

3. Can you play NFT games on mobile?

Yes, you can play NFT games on mobile devices. Most games are made to be compatible with Android and iOS, allowing you to play on the go. Then, you just have to download the games from the App Store or Google Play Store.

They have become famous for a variety of reasons. One reason is that, unlike traditional games, they give players a sense of ownership and control over their game assets. They also offer more customization and flexibility regarding game rules and progression. Finally, they often have more social interaction and community involvement than traditional games.

5. Are NFT games profitable or risky?

They can be both profitable and risky. They can be risky because the value of in-game items can fluctuate rapidly, and players may not be able to sell their items for a profit. However, they have the potential to be very profitable, as evidenced by the popularity of games like CryptoKitties.

6. Are NFT games legit?

Yes, they are legit. They use blockchain technology to create a unique and secure digital asset that can be traded or sold. However, it is important to research a game before investing any money in it. Some may be riskier, so it is important to find a game that is right for you.

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