What Is Axie Infinity | Detailed Review

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game that allows players to battle a team of 3 cute creatures known as Axies to earn income.

You might be familiar with earning income from Bitcoin, Altcoins (Ethereum and other coins apart from Bitcoins), and NFTs. But there is also a means of earning while playing games. These games are known as play-to-earn (P2E) games. Axie Infinity is an example of such games. With Axie Infinity, players can breed adorable creatures called Axies and use them for battles to earn tokens. Axie Infinity has over 2 million active users, with the top 3 countries like the Philippines, Venezuela, and the USA.

This Axie Infinity review will cover the basics of the NFT game world and its tokens AXS and SLP.

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie infinity was developed by Sky Mavis, a for-profit technology-focused company based in Vietnam. It was founded by Trung Nguyen, Alexander Larsen, and Jeffrey Zirlin in early 2018. The Trio met while playing CryptoKitties, another popular NFT game that brought the Ethereum network to a halt. Axie Infinity’s goal was to introduce the world to blockchain technology using gaming. As a result, they began working on Axie Infinity, a game that would teach players the wonders of blockchain technology.

The goal of Axie Infinity was to introduce blockchain technology to the public in a fun way. As a result, they began working on Axie Infinity, a game that would expose players to the wonders of blockchain technology.

Axie Infinity is classified as an NFT game that allows individuals to earn currency from playing the game as they breed, raise, battle, and trade Axies in the marketplace. The whole Axies game concept is inspired by Pokémon and Tamagotchi games.

Difference Between Axie Infinity and Traditional Games

The main difference between Axie infinity and traditional games is the introduction of blockchain technology in gaming. Classic games use the technique where players either have to pay-to-play or pay-to-win. Instead, Axie Infinity uses blockchain technology to reward players with tokens for contributing to the ecosystem. This means that the more users play, the more rewards there will be, making it a play-to-earn game.

The Axie in Axie Infinity

Axies are ERC-721 tokens that can come in various forms: aquatic, beast, bird, bug, dawn, dusk, mech, plant, and reptile. They fight in a team of three and each Axie has its characteristics. Their battles can occur in either arena mode against other players (player vs. player or PvP) or adventure mode (player vs. environment or PvE) against non-player characters—NPCs.

How Does Axie Infinity Work

The P2E game runs on blockchain technology; however, the game world provides a play-to-earn structure. Players can earn income by:

  • participating in battles to get rewards like SLP;
  • breeding Axies to create new ones with specific characteristics;
  • selling Axies in the marketplace and collecting rare ones.

Axie Infinity also uses a scheme where you can employ other users to help you play the game. The scheme is known as scholarship and the individuals who help to play the game are known as scholars. This means you earn income when you do not have time to play the game, while the scholars also get their share of the income.

The Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

SLP is an ERC-20 token needed to breed Axies. If you have enough SLPs, you can combine 2 Axies to produce a new Axie. To ensure the ecosystem is well populated, there is a limit to the number of times an Axies can be bred. You can breed an Axie 7 times; the more you breed the Axie, the higher the SLP tokens needed.

SLP tokens are gotten when your Axie team defeats the opponent in a battle. The tokens are also obtained when you complete daily quests. The tokens, like any other crypto asset, are volatile. As of writing, it is valued at $0.0053.

AXS Token

This is the native token of the Axie Infinity platform. In addition, players can earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) governance token, which represents a part of the Axie universe. It is an ERC-20 token with governance and payment features. Since AXS may be earned by playing, some quests appear where players can play to earn AXS. Players are rewarded for their efforts and skills, not for their victories.


The governance token can also be used as staking fees within the ecosystem. It can be purchased on a crypto exchange or earned while playing the game. At the time of writing—6th June 2022, It has a max supply of 270 million, which was allocated as follows:

  • 50% for in-game rewards and staking;
  • 8% for community growth and development in the custody of Sky Mavis;
  • 20% for the Sky Mavis team;
  • 7% Advisors;

The remaining 15% was split between public (11%) and private (4%) sales, which took place at the end of 2020.

What You Need to Know Before Playing the Game

The game does not require downloading and can be accessed through a web browser. Here are some things to help you get started. Crypto Wallet: It is very important to have a wallet to store the tokens (SLP, AXS, ETH) with which you will make future transactions. You will need to create a Ronin Wallet on the website, which is like a ticket to the virtual universe.

Axies: The rule of the ecosystem is that you need at least 3 Axies to start playing. You can buy Axies from the Axie Infinity marketplace and also purchase LAND, bundles, and other in-game items.

App: You need to download the app on a suitable operating system: macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS. The easiest way is by clicking on the ‘PLAY NOW’ button, which directs you to the options.

Players’ Account: After downloading the app on your device, create an account to play the game. After this, you can start battling with opponents.

How to Get AXS Token on Guarda

AXS is the third most popular gaming crypto available on Guarda in terms of market capitalization. You can acquire AXS on Guarda web, desktop, and mobile. If you are a new user, create an account and log in as an existing user. Add AXS wallet to your list, download, and save the backup (it is very important). Then, buy the tokens using SEPA or Visa/Mastercard to pay. Verify your identity and click ‘BUY.’ The tokens will appear in your wallet after completing the transaction.


Over $3.8 billion worth of NFTs has been traded on the Axie Infinity in-house marketplace. The game allows players to earn income monthly playing the game depending on how much time is spent, the price of SLP, and the quality of their Axie. One of the most anticipated additions to the Axie Universe is the LAND—Lunacia. Creatures called Chimera are attacking, and the Axies need to help the princess defend and rebuild the city. It is similar to LAND in Decentraland with 90,601 plots of LAND. The team behind Axie Infinity also announced the creation of its DAO, expected in 2023. This will be a great addition to the ecosystem.

Though the hype behind Axie Infinity is on a downward trend, the game still has much room for improvement, and the earning potential makes users play on.

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