What is Wiki Cat Coin: Memecoin Which Can Teach Us A Lot

Wiki Cat Coin is a digital currency designed to introduce people to the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies in a fun and approachable way. In this article, we'll delve into the key aspects of Wiki Cat Coin, including the idea behind the project, its launch, liquidity measures and straightforward tokenomics.

What is Wiki Cat Coin?

Wiki Cat Coin is a digital currency that serves as an educational tool for individuals looking to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies. By presenting cryptocurrencies in a lighthearted manner, Wiki Cat Coin aims to spark curiosity and encourage more people to explore the world of digital currencies.

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Project’s Launch

Wiki Cat Coin came into existence on Sunday, 20th March 2022, initiated by Sir Mapy for the SMC DAO community. The coin was created on the BNB network with a maximum supply of 1,000 trillion tokens. To ensure decentralization, the ownership of Wiki Cat Coin has been renounced, putting control in the hands of the community.

The token itself was created by Sir Mapy for educational purposes so as to teach the SMC DAO community about creating meme tokens and show that they can become projects with great potential and utility. Indeed, the project is gaining ground and developing a community with a strong belief in the social consensus of shared value.

Development strategy

As Sir Mapy states in his Twitter account, his strategy is getting Wiki Cat listed on as many platforms as possible. It will create a viral effect without resorting much to marketing activities. Though WKC has seen some ups and downs, the strategy seems to be working just fine, attracting new community members and holders.

Liquidity Pool

To provide a safe and reliable trading experience, Wiki Cat Coin has implemented measures to secure its liquidity pool. The liquidity pool is locked using the Unicrypt platform, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the funds remain protected. This adds an extra layer of confidence for users looking to buy or sell Wiki Cat Coin.


The tokenomics of Wiki Cat Coin are designed to be simple and easy to understand. When engaging in transactions involving Wiki Cat Coin, a 2% tax is applied. Out of this tax, 1% is directed towards a burn wallet, effectively reducing the circulating supply of Wiki Cat Coin. The remaining 1% is allocated to the fee wallet, which funds the ongoing development and growth of the Wiki Cat Coin ecosystem.

Project Funds Wallet

A portion of the transaction tax contributes to the liquidity pool and the team wallet. This allocation enables the Wiki Cat Coin team to make essential updates to the website as well as execute strategic marketing promotions. By maintaining a well-funded project wallet, Wiki Cat Coin can continue to enhance the user experience and expand its reach.


Wiki Cat Coin presents a unique and entertaining opportunity for individuals interested in learning about cryptocurrencies. With its fair launch, secure liquidity, straightforward tokenomics, and dedicated project funds wallet, Wiki Cat Coin aims to make cryptocurrency education accessible and enjoyable.

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