What is OGzClub: Revolutionizing DeFi and Meme Culture

OGzClub is a promising project which brings together DeFi (decentralized finance) and Meme culture. OGzClub aims to empower the OGz community, breaking away from the traditional reliance on Centralized Exchanges or influential individuals

OGzClub is a promising project which brings together DeFi (decentralized finance) and Meme culture. OGzClub aims to empower the OGz community, breaking away from the traditional reliance on Centralized Exchanges or influential individuals. By embracing the ethos of sharing and caring, OGzClub seeks to create a financial ecosystem that is inclusive, equitable and driven by the creativity of its members. Through the integration of blockchain technology, OGzClub aims to revolutionize DeFi and provide access to a more accessible and sustainable financial system.

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Project Overview

At its core, OGzClub is a MemeFi project that combines DeFi principles with the vibrant Meme culture. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, OGzClub strives to create a thriving community that is actively involved in shaping the future of finance. The project emphasizes inclusivity and aims to provide opportunities for individuals regardless of their technical expertise or knowledge. OGzClub envisions a financial system that is accessible to everyone, making DeFi more than just a niche space.

Referral Program and Focus on Community

A key feature of OGzClub is its unique affiliate program, designed to foster community growth and engagement. OGzClub members can participate in the affiliate program, which rewards them for bringing new users into the ecosystem. By referring new users, OGzClub members earn a referral reward in OGz tokens, creating a sustainable passive income model and incentivizing community expansion.

This referral program is enabled by a 1% tax system. Whenever a wallet joins the system, a creative and sustainable passive income model is activated. With this model, 1% of each trade conducted by the referred wallet is automatically transferred to the wallet that referred them. This incentivizes community growth and provides a source of ongoing income for referrers. However, in the case where a wallet conducting a trade does not have a referral code, the 1% that would have been allocated as a referral reward is instead automatically transferred to the ‘‘Future Plans’’ Vault. This ensures that the potential rewards are still utilized within the system, even if a referral code is not utilized. By implementing this referral program and the corresponding reward distribution mechanism, OGzClub fosters a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem that benefits both the referrers and the broader community.

You can connect to this affiliate program by using WalletConnect in your Guarda Wallet. Just scan the QR-code on the OGz Club website and connect your Guarda ETH Wallet.

Anti-Cheating System

To ensure fairness and prevent manipulation risks within the DeFi ecosystem, OGzClub has implemented an anti-cheating system for affiliates. This system ensures that each wallet and user can only receive rewards from different users, mitigating the potential for abuse and creating a level playing field.

Dynamic Staking

OGzClub introduces the concept of Dynamic Staking, which sets it apart from traditional DeFi projects. Instead of relying solely on the total token supply, OGzClub allocates 1% of the collected tax to the staking contract. This approach allows for the announcement of various staking pools based on market demand, reducing potential negative impacts.


Governance is a priority for OGzClub, and the platform provides a dedicated dashboard where the community can engage in discussions and propose ideas. The official Reddit page serves as a hub for active community members, while important announcements are made through the Medium/Gitbook page.

Tax, Tokenomics and Audits

OGzClub operates with a 1% tax mechanism mentioned above, which ensures sustainable incentives for the community. The collected tax is used to support various initiatives, including the referral program, community growth and development. The project follows a carefully designed tokenomics model to ensure stability and utility of the OGz token within the ecosystem.

OGzClub recognizes the importance of security and transparency. The project was audited by Hacken and Echo. Apart from that, OGzClub provides a clear tokenomics structure:

  1. Out of a total supply of 118 billion OGz Tokens, 60% are allocated to provide liquidity and ensure a smooth trading experience for users.
  2. Another 15% are allocated to the Team, thus finding their needs for development, R&D, audits and other technical sides of the project.
  3. 10% are allocated to marketing initiatives which help OGz to grow.
  4. Yet another 10% are allocated to future listings on various platforms.
  5. Final 5% are allocated to investors, meaning that Team uses these assets to provide investors with new exciting and helpful features as well as incentivize them to further participate in the project.

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In conclusion, OGzClub stands at the forefront of the DeFi and Meme culture convergence. By embracing blockchain technology and fostering community engagement, OGzClub aims to create a more inclusive and equitable system. Through their referral program, anti-cheating measures, dynamic staking, governance initiatives, and transparent tax and tokenomics, OGzClub empowers users to actively participate in shaping the future of the project.

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