What is Borzoi Inu?: Innovative Solutions, Digital Art and Great Roadmap Ahead

Borzoi Inu is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that pivots around the BORZ token, a native cryptocurrency powering transactions and interactions within its ecosystem. The project has a renounced contract making it fully community-driven. Borzoi Inu has a promising roadmap ahead.

What is Borzoi Inu?

Borzoi Inu is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that pivots around the BORZ token, a native cryptocurrency powering transactions and interactions within its ecosystem. This community-led project, bolstered by a fully renounced smart contract and audited by InterFi, puts control in the hands of the people. The total supply of tokens is set at 1 billion, supported by locked liquidity to enhance stability.

An interesting aspect of Borzoi Inu’s project structure is its approach to marketing. Every buy or sell transaction contributes 5% of the total to marketing funds, actively promoting the BORZ token with every user’s activity. And more promotion means faster and swifter project development which will bear fruits in terms of the token price and the ecosystem growth.

BORZ Token: The Lifeblood of the Borzoi Inu Ecosystem

The BORZ token lies at the heart of the Borzoi Inu ecosystem, facilitating seamless transactions within the platform. A fixed supply of 1 billion tokens presents potential value to long-term investors, with limited availability fostering an environment of scarcity. Borzoi Inu also plans to introduce a burning mechanism to regulate price fluctuations, further increasing the token’s appeal.

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Adventures of Wolfgang the Borzoi: An AI-Generated Journey

Borzoi Inu takes an inventive leap with an AI-generated comic book that evolves based on user interactions. The story revolves around Wolfgang the Borzoi fulfilling his prophecy to bite the moon. This artistic metaphor mirrors Borzoi Inu’s ambitious roadmap, translating complex milestones into an understandable, engaging narrative. Users’ influence over the storyline mirrors their ability to shape the project’s future through the renounced contract.

Creating Scarcity and Sustainability: The Burning Mechanism

To enhance the BORZ token’s value, Borzoi Inu plans to implement a burning mechanism. Regular burning events will withdraw portions of BORZ tokens from circulation, reducing the total supply. This deflationary approach potentially benefits long-term token holders, encourages community participation and promotes sustainable growth within the Borzoi Inu ecosystem.

Long Snout Watch: Price & Portfolio Tracking Tool

Borzoi Inu is developing Long Snout Watch, a comprehensive cryptocurrency price and portfolio tracking tool. This platform will provide real-time and historical price data, assisting users in making informed investment decisions.

Building Bridges to Real-world Transactions through Partnerships

Borzoi Inu is looking to form strategic partnerships with payment service providers and merchants, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional economies. This collaborative initiative intends to enable real-world transactions using BORZ tokens, broadening cryptocurrency’s practical application.

Expansion Vision: NFT Collection, Borzoi Runner Game, and More

Borzoi Inu has ambitious plans for the future. The project aims to launch an NFT collection that users can mint, with previews preceding the release of the entire mintable collection. Safety remains a priority, with another audit by Certik scheduled. In addition, Borzoi Inu is developing the Borzoi Runner game for Android and iOS, expanding the project’s footprint in the gaming space. Finally, the project also plans to cross the blockchain boundaries, intending to launch the token on the Ethereum and Polygon chains.


In summary, Borzoi Inu represents an exciting fusion of technology, art and crypto. The project demonstrates a strong commitment to integrating cryptocurrency into everyday life and reimagining the role of art through technological advancements. With a strong roadmap, dedication to marketing promotion and innovative approaches, Borzoi Inu holds significant potential in the rapidly evolving world of DeFi.

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