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Guarda is the best place to swap, buy, and manage your ERC-20 assets easily and securely. Remain full control of your private keys and manage any of your assets, including ERC-20 on Ethereum.

How to manage your
ERC-20 Tokens

Send your ERC-20 assets to anyone

Easily send your ERC-20 to anyone in the world

Receive ERC-20 tokens

Receive ERC-20 tokens to safely hold them in your Guarda Wallet

Create your own ERC-20 token

Use our awesome Token Generator to create ERC-20 that is uniquely yours.


How do I get an USDT ERC20 wallet?

To purchase ERC20, you will need a wallet with storage and purchase capabilities; one of the best is Guarda Wallet. First, create an account, add the new ERC20 tokens, and then save the backup. Guarda Wallet is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, a desktop app, a web wallet, and a browser extension.

How much is the ERC20 fee?

The average price per Ethereum gas is at the current level of 23.74 gwei, 82.92% less than a year ago. A year ago, this figure was 139.01 gwei.

How does an USDT ERC20 wallet work?

Guarda ERC20 wallet is digital storage for managing all Ethereum-based tokens. Most cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens can be stored in this wallet and used for transactions. Guarda Wallet is simple to use. These wallets are quick and easy to manage.

Online Wallet App for Ethereum Assets

Easily hold ERC-20 tokens (USDT and others), buy, send and receive ERC-20 tokens right in your browser

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