Kawakami: NFTs, Coffee and a Vibrant Ecosystem for Meme Token Investors

Originating as a meme project, Kawakami has grown into a blended ecosystem of services to support other crypto communities in addition to major projects designed to add value to investors. In this article, we'll explore the ecosystem and utility of the native token, $KAWA. The project launched in 2020 and has a market capitalization (at time of press) of under $460,000.

What is Kawakami?

Originating as a meme project, Kawakami has grown into a blended ecosystem of services to support other crypto communities in addition to major projects designed to add value to investors. In this article, we’ll explore the ecosystem and utility of the native token, KAWA. The project launched in 2020 and has a market capitalization (at time of press - July 2023) of under $460,000. In an effort to build trust and security around the project, the token’s contract completed the rigorous Certik audit in 2022 and is available for all investors to review.

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The Kawakami Ecosystem

The Kawakami ecosystem supports interconnected projects and communities around the world. Project focus areas include e-commerce, meme token services, sustainability, and agriculture. Kawakami has several ‘in production’ platforms and several planned for later this year and beyond.

  1. BrewFactory is an online startup specializing in single-origin coffee sourced from around the world. Successfully piloted in 2022 as “Cafe Kawakami” and relaunched in 2023 under the BrewFactory brand, the brand has partnered with an international distributor with deep relationships with small and family-run farms across the globe. Truly a product for connoisseurs, purchasers can sample varieties from regions like Tanzania, Antigua, Nicaragua, and more, in addition to fun flavored varieties like Candy Cane and Caramel. Profits from operations support buying back and/or burning the $KAWA token. Visit BrewFactory to check out the full product line and promotions.

  2. Kawaland is a recently-announced agriculture project in partnership with the Oliveland NFT project. In short, Kawakami is building a farm! Leveraging Oliveland’s extensive expertise and infrastructure already created, Kawakami investors will be able to decide what products to grow, where to sell them, and other operational decisions related to the Kawaland property in the country of Cyprus. Options for proceeds include supporting the $KAWA token and investing in other ecosystem projects. The project will be releasing more information on this initiative throughout 2023.

  3. Kawakami launched its inaugural NFT project in 2022, dubbed ‘Generation Zero’, as a standalone collection in its own right with future proposed utility across the ecosystem. Designed by a real-life comic book artist who is the father of the project founder, it’s truly a family affair with over 1,200 unique Kawakami designs. Investors have enjoyed staking Gen0 NFTs to earn additional $KAWA tokens on the Kawatools platform. A full NFT whitepaper, including plans on how the NFTs will be a core component of a future “Play to Earn’’ game, is available on the Kawakami website. 40% of the royalty fees on secondary sales on Opensea and other popular trading sites are aggregated and used to buyback the $KAWA token for replenishing the staking pools, with the balance used across the rest of the project. The collection is available on Opensea.

  4. Kawatools launched in 2022 as a ‘meme toolkit’ inspired by the highly-popular Dextools platform. Completed components as of 2023 include its NFT staking platform used by both the Kawakami NFT project and the Deltaflare NFT project. The NFT staking platform allows a turnkey solution for NFT projects to incentivize their holders by depositing and distributing rewards for NFTs staked on the platform. Proceeds from NFT staking partnerships fund further Kawatools development. Future features are planned to support KawaDAO and Kawaseed.

  5. Kawaseed is a planned project seeking to provide a vehicle for Kawakami investors to enjoy investments in other small cryptocurrency projects passively by investing in the native $KAWA token. The intention is to have profits from these endeavors reinvested into the $KAWA token and reserved for future Kawaseed community investments. The KawaDAO is an integrated decentralized autonomous organization used for governance of the Kawaseed project and other matters to the Kawakami community.

  6. The Kawakami Unite Play-to-Earn (P2E) game is staged in a feudal futuristic dystopia, pitting smaller Kawakami holders against larger ‘lords’ in a weekly battle for $KAWA tokens. Weaker operating alone but formidable as a pack, teams must organize and carefully orchestrate attacks against lords to earn $KAWA. The Kawakami “Generation Zero” NFTs serve as ‘heroes’ in the game, and a planned “Generation 1” NFT collection will add items like lands, equipment, buildings, and additional heroes. The game is currently under design with anticipated beta launching in 2024. More details are available in the NFT whitepaper.

  7. Kawakami’s Ecologi project has planted over 8,100 trees and funded two wind power projects. Key regions include the Middle East, Africa, and Central America. Proceeds from token tax are used in part, with community donations and promotions, to provide critical funding to improve the lives of those living in these regions by investing in clean air, clean water, and a better quality of life for all people.

KAWA Tokenomics

With a total supply of 999,999,999,999 tokens, the token is comparably smaller to well-known and highly capitalized projects like SHIB, PEPE, FLOKI, and DOGE.

Buy tax: 0% Sell tax: 9% (funds the various project initiatives outlined) Liquidity: Locked via Unicrypt Market Capitalization: $454,000 (7/1/2023) Market Capitalization All-Time High: $23,900,000 (10/29/2021)

The Utility of $KAWA Token

The $KAWA token lies at the core of the Kawakami ecosystem, providing utility and supporting its various components. Some notable utilities of the token include:

  • Token holders gain exposure to “Kawaland” and “BrewFactory” profits. Holding the $KAWA token allows investors to enjoy financial appreciation of these projects in the form of token buybacks and burns, which are designed to accelerate market demand.
  • Minting Gen 1 Kawakami NFTs: $KAWA tokens are planned for minting of “Generation 1” Kawakami NFTs, granting token holders exclusive access to key ‘in-game’ items for Kawakami Unite.
  • Staking and Rewards: Both Gen 0 and Gen 1 NFTs can be staked to earn $KAWA tokens. Staking allows for single and batch operations and has been used through a half-dozen distributions by the Kawakami team since inception.
  • KawaTools Advanced Features: While NFT staking is available to any Kawakami NFT or partner project holder, advanced options like wallet tracking, KawaSeed allocation, and participation in the KawaDAO is reserved only for $KAWA holders.
  • Tax from token sales are used, in part, to fund projects like Kawakami’s Ecologi initiative to give back to the planet and people by investing in high-quality infrastructure and reforestation projects.

The Future of Kawakami

Kawakami has an exciting roadmap for future development, aiming to expand and enhance its ecosystem. One of the key areas of focus is the development of a play-to-earn (P2E) game, which will feature burn mechanics and ongoing opportunities for players to accumulate more KAWA tokens. This game will provide an immersive and engaging experience for users, further integrating the token into the Kawakami ecosystem. Additionally, the project plans to leverage the potential of the Kawakami Metaverse, where Gen 1 NFTs will serve as in-game assets in the form of land plots. These land plots will play a pivotal role in shaping the future Kawakami Metaverse ecosystem, creating a dynamic and interactive virtual world.

The launch of KAWA DAO, KAWA Seed and P2E game will also be a great development, offering even more value for meme token investors. Through continuous innovation and expansion, Kawakami aims to offer a diverse range of opportunities and utilities for its community and investors, further establishing its position as a promising crypto project.

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Kawakami has established itself as a vibrant ecosystem that integrates NFTs, coffee and a variety of crypto-related projects for meme token investors. The $KAWA token acts as a key driver within the ecosystem, supporting various components and providing users with diverse opportunities for participation.

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