What is Altcoin Season? And Is the Next Altcoin Season Upon Us?

Explore the thrilling world of Altcoin Season: Discover what it means, how to spot it, and why it's crucial for crypto enthusiasts. Learn how to buy, exchange, and secure altcoins with Guarda Wallet, your ultimate guide to navigating the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

With both BTC ETH price dynamics leading headlines and Ethereum breaking its Ethereum max price since last spring, the crypto community is abuzz. This pivotal moment has reignited the perennial questions: what are altcoins seasons and is it altcoin season now? The anticipation around Ethereum ETFs in the United States, with heavyweight backers like BlackRock and Fidelity Investments, has only fueled the next altcoin season speculations further.

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What is Altcoin Season?

What are altcoins seasons, and how do we know when is altcoin season?Imagine a time when the crypto world looks beyond Bitcoin, turning its gaze to the myriad of other stars in the crypto universe — the crypto altcoins. Altcoin season is that magical period when these assets start to shine, growing in value and capturing the market’s imagination. It’s like the crypto version of the Oscars, where everyone’s waiting to see which altcoin takes home the trophy for most impressive performance.

Indicators of Altcoins Season

The term Altseason captures a period where altcoins outshine Bitcoin in terms of performance. Traditionally, this season unfolds in stages starting with Bitcoin’s rally, followed by Ethereum’s rise, leading to increased capital flow into major altcoins and culminating in a market-wide surge, including lesser-known, low-capacity coins.

  1. When Bitcoin Steps Aside: Notice Bitcoin taking a backseat? This could signal assets are about to take the stage, captivating investors’ hearts and altcoin wallets. The altseason index often spikes, indicating a shift towards these alternative cryptocurrencies.

  2. Volume Turns Up the Volume: It’s not just noise; increased trading volumes in altcoins suggest a crescendo of interest, hinting that next altcoin season is in full swing.

  3. Social Media and News Buzz: Can’t scroll through social media without seeing altcoin chatter? That’s the sound of altseason echoing through the digital corridors.

Why Does Altcoin Season Happen?

Several factors contribute to the emergence of altcoin season, including:

  • Innovation’s Spotlight: New tech and shiny updates in altcoin projects can turn heads, drawing investors to buy altcoins.
  • The Hunt for Hidden Gems: After the Bitcoin party, investors scour the crypto landscape for the next big hit, often finding it among cryptocurrency altcoins.
  • Mainstream Embrace: As the world warms up to crypto, altcoins find their place, appreciated by businesses and consumers alike, making everyone ask, Is it altcoin season? and How to buy altcoins?

A Blast from the Past: Memorable Altcoin Seasons

2017: The Year Altcoins Took the Stage

Remember 2017? It wasn’t just Bitcoin’s year. It was when crypto altcoins like Ethereum leaped from $8 to over $800! The ICO craze brought us a treasure trove of new coins, turning many into crypto believers.

2021: The Altcoin Explosion

Fast forward to 2021, when Bitcoin took a breather, and cryptocurrency altcoins like Binance Coin, Cardano, and Polkadot decided it was their time to shine. BNB, for example, skyrocketed from $38 to over $600.

DeFi Summer 2020: Altseason to Remember

Ah, the summer of 2020 — the DeFi Summer. It was a time when the whole DeFi sector blossomed, with stars like Uniswap and Aave showing what cryptocurrency altcoins could do beyond just being a digital currency.

NFTs Join the Altcoins Season in 2021

And who could forget the NFT craze of 2021? Ethereum and other projects like Flow and Theta showed us that crypto altcoins was more than just money; it was a way to own unique digital art and content.

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When is Altcoin Season? Signs of the Imminent Altseason

Recent developments, including the launch of Bitcoin ETFs (BTC ETFs) and discussions around Ethereum ETFs (ETH ETFs), signal a maturing market. The ETH future price and news about Bitcoin continually shape investor sentiment, underpinning the speculative nature of cryptocurrency investments. Yet, as Ethereum updates its all-time highs, the question remains: Is it altcoin season upon us?

Recent market activities suggest a keen investor focus on Ethereum, underscored by a sharp increase in ETH trading volumes. Ethereum’s growth is propelled by the upcoming Dencun mainnet upgrade, the hopeful launch of Ethereum-ETFs, and a diversifying interest towards altcoins still to reach their peak. Experts caution that despite these movements, proclaiming the onset of a next altcoin season might be premature.

The Altseason index, a metric gauging the performance of altcoins against Bitcoin, suggests a nuanced market sentiment. For an official Altseason to be declared, over 75% of altcoins must outperform Bitcoin over a 90-day period. Currently, the dominance of Bitcoin remains high, and the market share of Ethereum and other altcoins, although slightly increased, does not yet herald the widespread altcoin rally seen in previous cycles.

These moments remind us that the crypto world is full of surprises, with altcoin seasons bringing both excitement and opportunities. And here’s where Guarda Wallet shines, offering a safe, reliable platform to buy, exchange, and manage a wide array of altcoins.

How to Buy Altcoins?

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Altcoin season is not just a time; it’s an opportunity to explore the vast and vibrant world of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin. With a sprinkle of strategy, a dash of daring, and Guarda Wallet by your side, you’re set to make the most of this season. Ready to embark on an altcoin wallet adventure with altcoin exchanges and opportunities to buy crypto with ease? The Guarda community is here to welcome you with open arms, offering the knowledge, tools, and security you need to navigate these waters confidently.

This is not financial advice.

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