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Best Stellar Wallet | Top XLM Wallets Review

Best Stellar Wallet | Top XLM Wallets Review

Though Stellar was founded years ago, in 2014 and has lots of advantages both as a payment network and as a valuable asset, it’s still not so widely known and used as, for example, Ripple or EOS. Due to this fact, you face restricted choices of dedicated cryptocurrency wallets when it comes to storing XLM. The Guarda team has conducted a research in the field to help you navigate in the sea of terms and wallet features while looking for the best storage for Stellar Lumens.

What is Stellar? 

Stellar network

Well, to begin with, let’s sort out the names. Stellar itself is a blockchain network and a database facilitating the cross-asset transfer of value, while its native coin is called Lumens and has a ticker XLM. Yes, people often call Lumens “Stellar” just like they call XRP “Ripple”. It’s common but technically incorrect. Just remember that Stellar is payment network and Lumens is a cryptocurrency. In order to put an end to confusing the name of the token with the name of the platform, we’d recommend calling the asset “Lumens” or “Stellar Lumens”.

Apart from Lumens, other tokens can be created on the Stellar blockchain as well (even tokenized versions of fiat money). It works the same way as the Ethereum blockchain with its huge variety of digital assets and, therefore, convenience for launching an ICO. 

Besides, the feature mentioned above, Stellar network gained its popularity among crypto enthusiasts due to the small fees for Lumens transactions. The speed of these transactions can compete with the one of Ripple which, in its turn, is known to be the fastest payment service. On top of everything else, Stellar can handle exchanges both between fiat-based currencies and cryptocurrencies. This makes it a universal instrument for performing financial operations of different types.

Thus, if you already obtained some XLM or just planning the purchase, you’ll inevitably have to find a secure storage for the coins. Here, we prepared a list of the most popular wallets supporting XLM. Check the variants from the next section, examine all the details and choose the service exactly for your purposes. 

Guarda – the best XLM wallet 

Guarda BNB Wallet

Guarda is a multi-featured multiplatform wallet for Stellar Lumens and 40 more major crypto coins and 10.000 tokens. Released in 2017, Guarda gained its popularity among users pretty quickly and got approval from the blockchain sphere influencers like Changpeng Zhao of Binance and Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn of ZCash Foundation as well. Among the main advantages of Guarda, it’s definitely worth mentioning built-in crypto exchange and purchase for fiat functions. The main idea that lies behind the project is to create not just a wallet but an eco-system of blockchain-related instruments allowing the user to engage in any practices he wants as a cryptocurrency holder without addressing any third-party services. 

Since the security aspect normally is the most relevant when it comes to money, Guarda Wallet proudly claims itself one of the best solutions on the current market in terms of safety. Being a custody-free wallet, it never keeps or shares with other companies the users’ private keys or personal data. Thus, with Guarda, you’ll be the only person in charge of the backups and funds respectively. 

To learn more about the wallet features and supported currencies, please, visit the Guarda Wallet official website.

create wallet

Exodus – a stylish desktop wallet

Since the wallet placed Stellar Lumens in the list of supported assets, it is fully capable of storing, sending, receiving and exchanging XLM, as well as providing transactions export, notifications and personal support. 

Currently, Exodus is developed not only for Windows, Linux and macOS but also for Android and iOS since it has a mobile version as well. For those who are looking for enhanced security, Exodus suggests that they use the Trezor hardware device with the Exodus interface. 

The main features of the wallet include a stylish user-friendly interface and a huge variety of cryptocurrency assets (over 30 blockchains at the moment) to work with. It visually displays all owned assets in one circular diagram to have an overview of the balance. Additionally, Exodus provides 24-hour technical support. 

More details about the wallet can be found on its website.

Atomic – the first non-custodial Atomic Swap wallet 

As a multi-currency multiplatform wallet, Atomic supports Stellar Lumens among hundreds of other popular assets. The security of the funds is really high here due to the custody-free principle. With Atomic wallet, you can manage your cryptocurrency assets in a decentralized way. Nevertheless, the wallet is mostly remarkable because of its cross-chain swap tecрnology. You can buy crypto with a credit card right in the Atomic wallet interface and swap it within a built-in exchange service. Swap your coins and tokens with no counterparty risk. All private data is stored in an encrypted manner on the end-user device and never leaves it out so that your money is totally under your control. 

It’s a convenient and versatile solution for custody-free cryptocurrency managing. More information can be found on the official website.

Trust – a mobile-only wallet 

Trust Wallet allows managing various crypto coins including Lumens on Android and iOS compatible devices. Since it’s non-custodial, the private keys are stored locally on the user’s smartphone or tablet. This provides the user with full control over the personal data and funds respectively. Furthermore, it is possible to add a biometric authentication system like PIN or fingerprint scanning to the wallet. 

Though Trust Wallet was acquired by Binance exchange platform in July 2018 and lately developed mostly for the purposes of the company, it still provides decent service for multiple digital assets besides Binance coin (BNB).

Follow the news about the wallet here.

Foxlet – exclusively XLM storage 

Foxlet wallet is an open-source Stellar desktop client designed precisely for storing and managing XLM assets. It’s relatively easy to use, compatible with Windows, Linux and mac operating systems. The wallet is non-custodial, this means that your private keys are encrypted and stored on the personal computer. This way they are protected from various Internet fraudsters. 

In whole, it’s one of the simplest and most convenient wallets, which also provides the option of depositing and withdrawing, for example, Chinese yuan (CNY). 

In order to find out more about the wallet or download it, visit the website.

Lobstr – a mobile wallet for daily use

Lobstr wallet is an easy-to-use mobile application which handles day to day transactions in a convenient and understandable way. It is often referred to as one of the best crypto wallets for ios owing to the attractive interface which is very easy to navigate. 

Through Lobster wallet, you send and receive the money easily and, of course, store your funds safely. The additional features such as 2-factor authentication, fingerprint support and secure PIN-protection make Lobstr wallet an interesting option worth considering. 

Visit the official website, to find extra information on the service.

Stargazer – a handy multiplatform storage

Stargazer wallet is available for both desktop and mobile devices and makes XLM management easier than ever. It is one of the most popular Android wallets for Stellar Lumens and can be downloaded directly from Google Play. This is a simple and straightforward interface that helps you send and receive XLM assets quickly and easily. The service offers support in multiple languages, accommodates numerous accounts and assets, allows to set up federated addresses and provides multi-signature security. 

The full list of the wallet features can be found on its website.

Astral – a convenient web-based wallet  !Update. By now the web-site is down.

Astral web-wallet provides stable and secure service for Stellar Lumens assets allowing the users to earn inflationary XLM every week according to the balance of their accounts. Two-factor authentication is a mandate here, and data is encrypted with AES-256. The email confirmation is obligatory in the situation when you withdraw funds to the new address. There’s the additional flexibility of being able to generate multiple addresses for easy organization of funds. 

Check the wallet’s official website in order to get more information.

Ledger Nano S and X – the best XLM hardware wallet 

Ledger Nano devices looking pretty much like flash drives are considered to be the most secure storages on the market now since they represent the hardware segment of the wallet market. This type of storage is also known as “cold” since it doesn’t require Internet connection and, therefore, immune to various threats of the online world. 

The device works without any special battery since it charges right from your personal computer being stuck to its USB port. 

Not long ago, Ledger was integrated with Guarda Wallet which we mentioned in the very beginning of this wallet list. Thus, it is possible now to use Ledger device with Guarda intuitive interface in order to make your daily crypto experience even more exciting and smooth. 

Go to the official website of the wallet and find out the details.


Occupying one of the top positions on CoinMarketCap, Stellar Lumen tokens attracts cryptocurrency users and investors. This situation creates a strong demand for the wallets which are capable of storing XLM. Keep in mind our list of the leading providers that offer their service for managing Lumens on a daily basis.