Referral program terms

The terms of this Referral Program shall start upon acceptance and continue until the end of the Referral Program. Guarda has the right to change the rules of the Referral Program at any time or cancel it at our own discretion.


You,your,user — a user that participates in the referral program.

Guarda,we,our — Guarda company, acompany incorporated in Portugal

Referrer — a registered user in the program who uses the unique referral link to invite new users.

Rewardable operations — operations that can be rewarded according to the program rules.

GRD token,Guarda token — ERC20 token issued by Guarda, smart contract address - 0x002f6ccea40d491b9731fe5189896d8a950c5f89


Every user of Guarda has the right to participate in the Referral Program. In order to participate, a user needs to link an Ethereum wallet for rewards and get a unique referral link. Every user that creates a wallet using your referral link will be registered in the program as your Referral.

Please note that your actions should not violate privacy and anti-spam laws. Guarda is not responsible for users who violate these laws.


You have the right to receive a GRD token for the rewardable operations of your Referral in Guarda. A certain percentage of their operations in Guarda will be paid to you as a reward.

The reward amount and date payout can be found here.

Restrictions and Termination

Any user of the program shall not violate the following rules:

  1. do not manipulate the program
  2. do not violate the program rules
  3. do not impersonate other people
  4. do not provide false and misleading information and do not use our materials for that reason

Guarda has the right to suspend the Referral Program at any time if any manipulative actions are noticed. Guarda has the right to eliminate the participation of any user who is seen to be engaging in any manipulative activity leading to the Referral Program's disruption.

Privacy policy

By accepting the terms of the program, you agree to the Privacy Policy of our service.


Guarda provides the Referral Program “as is” without warranties of any kind and liability in case of service failures.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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