Creating your token

The Token Generator can be found at From there, you can begin the process of creating your custom token. There are 3 steps in total:

1. Choose the name

Come up with a name for your future token. It can be anything you want, but we recommend making it memorable and tying it to the product you intend to associate your tokens with, such as the name of your platform. 
Another thing you will need to come up with is the token’s short name or symbol, usually known as its ticker (think BTC for Bitcoin and so forth). We advise to come up with a ticker that matches well with the name to ensure memorability. It needs to contain at least 3 letters (up to 5).

Please take note that it will not be possible to change the token’s name and ticker once the contract is deployed, so choose wisely!

After you’ve entered the name and the ticker, click Continue. You will be asked to unlock your Guarda backup in order to proceed (this will be necessary during later steps).

2. Total supply

The next step is to set up your token’s total supply. This will be the finite number of tokens that will be issued once the contract is deployed. You cannot alter this supply to create more tokens post-factum, so take careful consideration of the amount of tokens you will need for your purposes.

For more variables that can be altered, check out the Advanced options section.

3. Payment

At this stage, you will need to cover the fees for the creation of the smart contract, as well as a service fee. This needs to be done from a Guarda wallet — hence the necessity to connect to your backup beforehand.

If you do not have any funds on Guarda yet, select Top up the wallet to be directed to Guarda Web wallet, where you will be able to purchase crypto with fiat or be able to receive funds from your other wallets.

Only wallets with enough funds on them to cover the fee will appear in the drop-down menu.
If you choose to pay with a currency other than ETH, we will convert the chosen currency to ETH, pay up the creation fee, then send the tokens to your selected ETH address:After the payment is processed, your contract will be deployed. 

That's it! Enjoy your new tokens!

    Watch our video tutorial

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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