What is FIO protocol

The FIO protocol is designed to simplify crypto transfers, making it easy for everyone. This is a decentralized integrated into wallets and exchanges service that allows you to get your own readable identifier for most of your assets, the FIO themselves called it an e-mail for your cryptocurrencies.

What is the FIO address? 

The FIO address is a human-readable identifier to which you can link your crypto wallets to Guarda and use it to send and receive transactions. This address has a username and domain that you can choose yourself.

What do I need to know about FIO addresses?

  • Creating an address is paid
  • The address is given to you for a year, after which you need to pay the address annually
  • You can have only one wallet of a specific blockchain linked to your FIO address. However, you can change the address at any time.
  • After creating your FIO address, you can make about 100 transactions without fee! After this package ends, you can pay for the address again or pay for each transaction

How to create an FIO address?

First, you need to go to the 'FIO address' tab under the list of your wallets and click the 'Get free FIO address ' button.Then you will be redirected to the FIO site, where you will need to create a username for your FIO address.

After you come up with a username and enter it, click on the 'check availability' button. If the username you entered is available, you will see the 'Register' button. After clicking on this button you will need to wait a few minutes and your address will be registered.

After your address is created and you see the message that you can close the window, you need to go to your Guarda Wallet and open the 'FIO address' tab again. Now you can manage your FIO address. To manage it, you need to click on your FIO address and click 'manage linked addresses'.

In the window that opens you need to select your wallets, which will be linked to your FIO address. After selecting the wallets you want, you need to click on the 'link' button, which is at the bottom of the page.

Done! Now you can use your FIO address!

What is FIO request 

FIO requests are in-application requests for funds. This can be a bill, a request for a deposit, etc. This is an easy and secure way to tell someone that you expect payment from them.

This function is available in the FIO protocol system, so you can send requests only if you have your own FIO address and you know the FIO invoice. But you can always choose any address for the payment in your Guarda wallet, even if it is not linked to your FIO ID. The recipient can accept or reject the request, the status of the request will be shown in the transaction history.

To send FIO request open your FIO wallet.

  1. Choose 'Request'
  2. In the 'To your address' field, you can choose any wallet that you have in Guarda, even if it is not linked to your FIO ID
  3. Enter the required amount
  4. Enter the invoiced FIO ID

And just press 'Next' and 'Create request' to send your request.

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