Unstoppable Domains and their human-readable addresses

Guarda supports UD human-readable addresses for sending and receiving. And now you can buy your domain at Guarda Wallet!

What is a human-readable ID?

Well, this is an opportunity not to remember all the public addresses of your wallets and use only one convenient address for sending and receiving funds.

How does it work?

Create your identifier, it will look like [your name].crypto and link your wallets to it. You need to know that domains are based on the Ethereum network, so operations such as creating and linking wallets work like ETH transactions, so you need to pay a network fee. Make sure you have enough ETH on your balance. But you can link not only ETH addresses, but almost all (excluding AYA, CRM, BTH, VTC, NLG, RDD, YEC, CLO, Ropsten, EXP, ZEN) your currencies on Guarda (one address of a particular blockchain to your human-readable address at a time). You can change the binding in your Unstoppable Domain Account.

How to create UD address?

Scroll down the list of your wallets, find the UD icon and click 'Buy'

On the tab 'Purchase ID'

  • choose a name for your address, you can also generate it.
  • Check if the name is available
  • Enter your email address, this is required
  • UD charges a domain registration fee, so you need to pay for the creation.
  • You pay an equivalent of 40 USD to register an address. The domain is paid once during registration. In the future, you only pay the network fee when you change the address mapping.
  • To manage your UD domain, you need an ETH wallet, select it from the list and make sure that your private key is stored in a safe place. If you lose it, you will lose access to your wallet and domain.

After completing the creation process, you can link your wallets.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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