How to add custom ERC-20 tokens

Most of the tokens in the Ethereum network are created using the ERC-20 standard. As it stands in our List of supported assets, you can add any ERC-20 token to your Guarda Wallet, and it will appear in the ETH wallet you choose.

How to add ERC-20 tokens on the Web and Desktop platforms

  • Go to your wallet and search for the ETH wallet. If you own several Ethereum addresses, we recommend you choose the one that already has this ERC-20 token on its balance.
  • Open the Ethereum wallet and click onAdd your custom token

  • Enter the smart contract address of the token you want to add. You can find it on any third-party resource you use. In this example, we're adding the Synthetix token (SNX). The smart contract for it could be found on Coinmarketcap. After specifying the address, press the Add Token button

  • That's all! The SNX token is added and can be found now in the main ETH wallet.

How to add ERC-20 tokens in Guarda Mobile Wallet

The instruction is mainly the same for the mobile app.

  1. Find your Ethereum wallet in the list and go to the Tokens tab.
  2. There's no need to add a token by its smart contract, if it is already in the list — in this case, it will be displayed in your Ethereum wallet automatically once you have it on the balance. We recommend you search for it first. If there's no such coin in this list, you'll seethe Add custom token by smart contract button that'll help you. The SNX token mentioned in our previous example is already in the list of added tokens, so we'll use the Dusk ERC-20 token for this example. You can find the smart contract address using any third-party resource, i.g. Coinmarketcap.
  3. Press the Add custom token by smart contract button and enter the smart contract on the next screen, then tap on Add custom token.

  4. That's it! You'll see a notification "Token successfully added" and be able to find it in your ETH wallet or the wallets list. It will be connected to the ETH wallet you choose on Step.1

We hope this article helped you 😉 

All addresses used in this example are empty testing addresses, that's why we show all the info to you. Please keep in mind that you should save your passwords and backups ina secure vault where only you have access. We strongly recommend not to share your private keys, passwords, or backups with anyone, including our team.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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