How do I send coins to an address with an Extra ID?

Some currencies, in particular XRP, XLM, EOS, XMR, and KIN, have such a thing as Extra IDs (also known by various other terms, such as memo, destination tag, message, etc). These are extra pieces of information that can help identify and differentiate between transactions.

When sending out such currencies, we advise checking if the destination address requires specifying an Extra ID. In the case it does, you can find the option to add extra ID under Advanced options. 

Simply enter the necessary text into the provided window, or scan a QR code that contains the information.

If you accidentally send a transaction without a memo when one was necessary, we recommend reaching out to the owner of the wallet (such as the support team of the wallet service the address was generated on). Unfortunately, Guarda will not be able to provide help in such situations. Please be careful to always make sure you’re sending funds to the correct address.

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