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Best Binance Coin Wallet | Top BNB Wallets Review

Best Binance Coin Wallet | Top BNB Wallets Review

Binance Coin is a project that took the cryptocurrency community by surprise through achieving exponential growth in a short amount of time right after the migration from the Ethereum blockchain to its own, newly established Binance Chain in 2019. Due to that, the BNB coin gained a lot of attention from both regular users and huge investors.

However, BNB cannot be obtained via BNB mining, since all tokens were pre-mined by Binance at its establishment. Those who wish to hold the coin can acquire it on a cryptocurrency exchange or through the cryptocurrency wallets like Guarda with built-in purchase and exchange functions. It is not that hard to get lost and confused in all the currently available wallets that support BNB. To help you get the best experience, the Guarda team made up a list of the best Binance Coin wallets present on the market from the perspective of being user-friendly and secure.

Guarda is one of the first wallets to add BNB to the list of supported coins – you can get your BNB Guarda Wallet here.

What is Binance Coin?

Binance was founded in 2017 by its CEO Changpeng Zhao with his co-founder & CTO Roger Wang

Binance coin, in its turn, is a digital currency issued by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and denoted by the ticker BNB. It was originally based on the Ethereum blockchain, however, in March 2018, the company made an announcement that the BNB token will be transferred to its own blockchain. The migration of the token started with the launch of Binance Chain test-net in Spring, 2019 and completed quite soon when all the tokens were swapped to native coins.

The Binance coin fuels all operations on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange under the same name. While BNB is primarily used to pay the fees charged by Binance DEX for using its services, additionally, like any other cryptocurrency, it can also be traded on all the major exchanges or just stored as a valuable asset inside your cryptocurrency wallet, for example, Guarda.

Guarda — the best online BNB wallet

Guarda BNB Wallet

Guarda is a multi-currency multiplatform wallet. It was founded in 2017 and since that time has gained popularity and significant public support. Among all other wallets, it is regarded as one of the best software BNB wallets and approved by Changpeng Zhao of Binance himself. 

Guarda has a nice and user-friendly interface. Its web-based wallet has a variety of useful features that will suit best your everyday needs. As of right now, aside from BNB, Guarda supports over 40 popular blockchains and 10.000 tokens with the opportunity of crypto exchange right within the wallet. 

Guarda has no access to your private keys and funds respectively. You can store, send, receive, buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies in complete anonymity and safety. 

Guarda Wallet is available in web, desktop, mobile, and Chrome extension versions and can be compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

As Guarda is a non-custodial wallet, you don’t have to worry about your private keys stored by an unreliable third-party service. In this case, you’re the sole owner of the keys as well as of the money. The other useful features of the wallet include purchasing BNB with other crypto coins or fiat money by card and import/export of your private keys. 

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Exodus – a stylish desktop wallet

Exodus BNB Wallet

As of the moment, the article is written, Exodus fully supports near one hundred digital assets including Binance Coin (BNB) in its desktop version and around 30 of them in the mobile one. As stated on the website, the wallet is fully capable of sending, receiving, and exchanging BNB, and also provides notifications, transactions export, and personal support.

Exodus features a stylish user interface: it visually displays all owned assets in a circular diagram which gives an overview of the overall balance. Moreover, Exodus provides 24-hour support for its customers.

More details about the wallet can be found on its website.

Atomic – the first non-custodial AtomicSwap wallet

Atomic BNB Wallet

Atomic is a multiplatform multi-asset wallet that supports over five hundred coins and tokens. It is available for all major operating systems. In the Atomic Wallet interface, you can buy coins with a bank card using your local currency and swap it within a built-in exchange service.

This non-custodial wallet is the first to use a cross-chain Atomic Swap technology. This means you can manage all of your cryptocurrency assets in a decentralized and secure way. No counterparty risk all the information and private keys are encrypted on the end-user device only. Your money is fully under your control.

It’s a convenient and versatile decentralized solution for custody-free cryptocurrency managing. To find out more information, visit the official website

Trust – a mobile-only wallet

BNB Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet is capable of managing cryptocurrencies on Android and Apple devices. Even though it is only available as a mobile app, Trust multi-coin wallet supports all the major blockchains including Binance Chain and its assets (BNB and BEP-2 tokens).

It is also worth mentioning that the private keys are stored locally on the end-user’s devices to provide them with full control of the funds. Furthermore, it is possible to add various biometric authentication systems to the wallet like a PIN or fingerprint scanning.

In July 2018, Binance acquired Trust Wallet as a mobile wallet for Ethereum-based tokens. Since then, the exchange rolled out the support of multiple cryptocurrencies on Trust Wallet. Later, after the Binance token left the Ethereum blockchain and got to the Binance newly established one, the wallet became one of the first storages to adopt the new asset. The latest news of Summer, 2019 reports that Trust Wallet becomes from now on a native Binance DEX wallet.

Follow the news here.

Ledger Nano S and X – the best BNB hardware wallet

Ledger BNB Wallet

Among the popular hardware wallets, you’ll always recognize Ledger Nano S which is ranked as one of the best BNB wallets based on its top-notch security, smart design, and friendly user interface. In order to get started, you have to stick the wallet in your computer’s USB port. Notably, the device does not require a battery, it is charging while it is plugged into a computer. To guarantee the safety of your BNB coins, all the private keys are stored offline. As of now, BNB is supported on Ledger both with its own interface and with the one developed by the Guarda Wallet team. Yes, you read everything correctly: Guarda Wallet has a hardware integration with Ledger! If you’re interested in the details of this collaboration, read the article “Ledger Wallet on Guarda – Manage Binance Chain Tokens”.

To learn more about the Ledger Nano capabilities, visit the official website.


Due to its popularity, the chances of BNB attracting hackers are certainly above average. Thus, you are in need of a wallet that will ensure the best security for your coins. Please make sure you conduct adequate research and analysis of available platforms that will meet your requirements. Apart from security, pay attention to the ease of use, customer support, and frequency of updates.