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How to Set Up Ripple XRP Wallet

How to Set Up Ripple XRP Wallet

Every cryptocurrency hodler has to spend some time figuring out the crypto wallet basics before starting with the purchases. Due to this, the Guarda wallet team is making an effort to break down the basics of crypto wallets for each of the selected cryptocurrencies. Today, we talk Ripple XRP wallet./p>

Ripple coin, also known as XRP, is quite popular among the investors. As the popularity of XRP grows, the demand for secure Ripple wallets does, too. XRP is supported by the majority of popular cryptocurrency wallets and the abundance of options on the market makes the choice of a suitable wallet difficult. If you google Ripple Wallet, you will get pages and pages of results. So, what are the criteria for choosing the right one?

How to Choose a Ripple Wallet?

best ripple walletFrom Ripple paper wallet to online storage, the security is what we all seek for. From this, the first rule of choosing an XRP wallet grows:

  • Is this wallet secure?

As a non-custodial wallet, we understand the value of personal information. It is our advice to turn to the services that do not require personal data disclosure and do not keep your private keys and backup. The best option is to control your data yourself and keep it in a safe place offline.

  • Is the development team active?

Always check the background of a taken wallet – ask about it on social networks, check the wallet’s accounts on Twitter or Reddit and make sure they are involved in the community life. The best Ripple wallet should be responsive. When choosing a wallet, it can be helpful to contact the team via the community chat or groups alike.

  • Are there enough wallet functions?

Make sure that your Ripple wallet has all the functions that you need. There are some wallets out there that are designed specifically for storing. Others, however, allow users to exchange Ripple or buy XRP right within the wallet – this is a helpful feature for those willing to move their funds quickly and efficiently.

  • Is this Ripple XRP wallet multiplatform?

Check if the wallet is accessible on various platforms. It is much handier to have your wallet ready to use on different devices. With wallets alike, the users do not need to worry about having their laptop with them at all times or only being able to access their Ripple wallet app from one smartphone.

Guarda wallet

guarda wallet

Guarda wallet offers XRP storing solutions across different platforms. As Ripple is a popular coin, all the versions of Guarda wallet support XRP on them. It includes:

  • Web Ripple Wallet
  • Desktop Ripple Wallet
  • Ripple Mobile Wallet (for Android an iOS)
  • XRP Chrome Extension wallet

All the wallets allow storing, sending, receiving or exchanging XRp within the wallet. The option of buying Ripple on Guarda is also available.

How to set up Ripple XRP wallet? Step by Step Guide

Managing Ripple XRP on Guarda is an easy task. Here, you can learn how to set up your ripple wallet and start managing XRP in a matter of a few clicks.

  1. On the main page of Guarda’s Website, select Create Wallet
  2. On the welcome screen, proceed with choosing to create a new wallet on Guarda.
  3. Think of a secure password for your wallet – type it in and repeat. Memorize the password or write it down. All the passwords are better be kept offline as a security measure. Note: Guarda is a non-custodial wallet and we do not store the private information of our users. You are the only person in charge of your password.
  4. Download your backup during the next step – the backup is an essential part of your Ripple wallet, so make sure to keep it safe and out of the public eye.
  5. Your Ripple wallet is ready to use! All you need to do now is send or buy some XRP!

Enjoy using your Ripple wallet!