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Secure Bitcoin Gold Wallet | BTG wallet review

Secure Bitcoin Gold Wallet | BTG wallet review

What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of well-known Bitcoin blockchain that appeared after the first fork – Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Gold is also called the “currency for miners”. The main feature of BTG is the use of the Equihash algorithm, which allows miners to use video cards for mining. Moreover, Bitcoin Gold is the only fork that can be mined with the help of a GPU and it is protected from the use of ASICs, making the network more decentralized. Choosing a right Bitcoin Gold Wallet may be challenging to BTG popularity, but Guarda is here to help with the choice.

In order to understand where to store Bitcoin Gold, let’s consider the main types wallets. Even now you can choose from hardware, desktop, online or even mobile solutions. To make sense of all the market abundance around, let’s go by categories.

Desktop Wallets

Desktop Wallet


Exodus is an application with a beautiful and quite simple interface that supports all three desktop platforms. Users can send and receive cryptocurrency, make backups and view portfolios. The main distinctive feature is the presence of a built-in cryptocurrency exchange service. Installation does not differ from conventional applications, so it should not cause difficulties.

Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet

Core Wallet is the official wallet that is fully synchronized with the blockchain and allows to create a full node in the Bitcoin Gold network. It has a standard interface for a cryptocurrency wallet and is available for download on the official BTG website. Its installation process is simple enough and does not cause difficulties.

Online wallets

Online Wallet


Guarda Web wallet allows storing, receiving, sending and exchanging BTG quickly and smoothly Guarda Wallet is hugely supported by BTG community as the best BTG wallet option – as we say, you can be sure of safety. Your keys are encrypted and stored out of anyone’s reach. Guarda is a non-custodial service and our users are the only people in charge of their funds. All you need to do to start using Guarda is go to our website and create a wallet in a couple easy steps.


Perfect for beginners. Simple, functional and easy to use. This wallet allows all necessary options: sending and receiving coins, generating a new address, exchanging BTG for BTC and vice-versa.


BTG wallet online cannot be considered a complete service because it doesn’t allow make transactions. Instead of being a fully functioning cryptocurrency wallet, BTG wallet online is basically just an address generator. Normal, SegWit, MultiSig, Time Locked, and HD addresses currently available.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallet


Coinomi is an Android mobile wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. BTG is among them. According to the developers, the wallet is completely secure and private keys never leave the user’s device. It also has cryptocurrency exchange within the application, which is provided by the partner company ShapeShift. The reviews in Google Play Market are quite good.  Solid four on a five-point scale.


Bitcoin Gold free wallet for the Android platform. Safety is achieved by two-factor authentication and Touch ID. Easy registration – to enter the wallet you can use your phone number, email address, Facebook or Google account. It is really easy and user-friendly.

Hardware wallets

Hardware Wallet

Trezor wallet

For Bitcoin Gold, Trezor is one of the most popular cryptocurrency storage devices. The official site contains information on where to get the wallet, how much it costs, what cryptocurrency supports and other details. Trezor bitcoin gold hardware wallet can be controlled using third-party applications or a smartphone if it supports the OTG function. Now you can purchase Trezor for 90 EUR.

Ledger Nano S

Nano s Bitcoin Gold is a direct competitor of Trezor. Therefore the functionality of these two wallets is almost the same. The main differences of ledger nano bitcoin gold wallet are the list of supported coins and the hull form factor. In addition, Ledger nano s is cheaper by 10 EUR.

As you can see, there are many options for wallets. We advise you to choose based on your needs and financial capabilities. You can try several options and focus on what is right for you.