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How to Create Expanse EXP Wallet

How to Create Expanse EXP Wallet

Create Expanse wallet in 4 easy steps on Guarda – a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet provider. In this comprehensive guide, we will describe everything you need.

Introduction to Expanse

Expanse cryptocurrency

Guarda supports Expanse EXP on multiple versions of our non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets. EXP is currently available on the Web, Desktop, Chrome Extension and Mobile versions of Guarda cryptocurrency storages. Besides offering our services as a secure Expanse wallet, Guarda can be used to buy EXP and get Expanse though our built-in exchange.
Currently, our wallets support over 40 major blockchains and more than 10.000 cryptocurrency tokens. The ever-expanding list of supported coins includes BTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR, NEO, BCH and more.

Create EXP Wallet

Expanse is a cryptocurrency that aims to bring ultimate decentalisation and independence to the blockchain space. EXP coin was first created as an Ethereum fork by quite a noteworthy team of developers – Christopher Franko, Dan Conway, and James Clayton. The vision of the Expanse team was to differentiate the projects from existing ones by not having an ICO to fund the currency but rather bringing value to the products existing on the platform.

Expanse EXP price on CoinMarketCap.

How to Store Expanse EXP cryptocurrency?

Expanse, just like any other cryptocurrency, needs a secure wallet to store it in. Finding a secure wallet for your coins and tokens should be the main priority of a person starting their crypto journey. There are several basic criteria for finding the best Expanse wallet that Guarda team will list here:

Finding a secure wallet for Expanse

When embarking on your journey with Expanse, the first thing a user should think of is security. Generally, we advise turning to custody-free EXP wallets. The difference between non-custodial crypto storage and a custodial one (that you would often find on exchanges) is that custody-free services do not store your personal information (passwords, private keys, and backups). Having all your data concealed from any third parties eliminates the risks of leaks and attacks.

Choosing an actively developing Expanse wallet

The security of your EXP wallet also lies in the activity of its development community. If you are willing to check whether your crypto wallet is updated frequently, go to the wallet’s website or blog. Social network pages may be useful to find some additional information on the team of your wallet and their work.

Getting to know the community of your wallet for EXP

Having a group of like-minded people around if better than being alone, right? Besides, being involved in the community life of your wallet is helpful – long-term users and team members can give you answers to many questions a crypto novice will definitely stumble upon.

Checking the wallet reviews

Review platforms like Trustpilot, CryptoCompare and dedicated pages on Google Play or App Store are great to know all the pros and cons of a wallet you are about to go with. Make sure you get to know all the good (and, possibly, all the bad) points in advance. It is also useful to pay attention to the developer’s responses. It is quite a negative sign if there are many user inquiries that are left unattended.

How to create Expanse wallet?

After you have chosen a trustworthy service to store your EXP coins in, all you have left to do is create a wallet. Guarda Wallet team will describe the simple process of creating a Web Expanse wallet in this step-by-step tutorial.

Create Expanse Wallet by following these 4 steps

  1. Go to Guarda wallet website and click Create Wallet.
  2. Think of a strong password for your new EXP wallet.
  3. Download your backup and store it securely.
  4. Your Expanse EXP wallet has just been created!

Step 1. You will find the button you need in the upper right corner of the Guarda Wallet website. Once you click it, you will get redirected to the welcome screen. To proceed, please choose to create a new wallet again. If you would like to see some extra information on the Expanse wallet you are about to create, you can check the Web Wallet page.

Step 2. Making up a strong password for your EXP cryptocurrency wallet. A good password is essential for your future wallet security, We advise going for a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. You can also see some more information on cryptocurrency wallet passwords in this guide of ours.

Step 3. Download your backup and find a secure place to store it in. As we have already mentioned, Guarda Wallets are non-custodial. This means that we do not store your backups and cannot access them. Please make sure to save your backup file as it is essential to your fund access.

Step 4. Your wallet is all ready to rock! Now you can store, send, receive, buy and exchange Expanse EXP – all within one non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet. Enjoy!