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Best Bitcoin SV wallet | Top BSV Wallets Review

Best Bitcoin SV wallet | Top BSV Wallets Review

Bitcoin SV is rapidly gaining market popularity. Due to this, Guarda is making the list of the best Bitcoin SV wallets to turn to. As BSV is a relatively new coin (it was introduced in November 2018), not all the popular wallets have embraced it yet – this is why we find it important to ponder on the most secure Bitcoin SV wallet.
Guarda was the first wallet to add BSV to the list of supported coins after the fork – you can get your BSV Guarda wallet here.

What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV, or BSV, is a cryptocurrency that appeared after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork in 2018. The idea of BSV, however, was introduced a little bit prior to the fork itself – in summer of the same year. During the radical upgrade, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain has split into two coins, named Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. SV, by the way, stands for Satoshi’s Vision, as the developers of the coin pride themselves as the true followers of Nakamoto’s ideas behind Bitcoin. BSV cryptocurrency exists to bring decentralization, using cryptocurrency as a payment method and more network capacity to the world – the values that are believed to be the original starting point of BTC.
During the fork process, the mining powers of both BSV and BCHABC were fully dedicated to the BCH network, so a major decline in Bitcoin price followed shortly after the upgrade.
The events of the split are known as Bitcoin Cash Hash War in the community.
Now, you can buy BSV on all the major exchanges and inside your Guarda cryptocurrency wallet.

Guarda — the best Bitcoin SV online wallet

best Bitcoin SV online wallet
Guarda is a multi-currency multi-platform wallet that was released in 2017 ad quickly gained popularity. It is regarded as one of the best software BSV wallets as per the BSV wallets review. Guarda has an easy interface. Its web-based wallet has the richest feature set and will suit best for everyday needs. As of right now, aside from LTC, Guarda supports 35+ coins, 250+ ERC-20, and QRC-20 tokens and instant exchange among them. It is a cold-storage wallet, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your private keys stolen from the Internet. Other top-of-the-line features include purchasing LTC with other coins or USD card and import/export of your private keys. To learn the rest visit Guarda website.

Create BSV Wallet

Exodus – stylish desktop soft wallet

As of February 6, Exodus, the desktop cryptocurrency wallet, has announced that they are now fully supporting Bitcoin SV (BSV). The wallet is now fully capable of sending, receiving, and exchanging BSV, as well as provide transactions export, notifications and personal support.
Currently, Exodus is developed for Windows, macOS and Linux, but their website advertises a mobile version will be coming to the Apple AppStore sometime this year.
Exodus main features stylish user interface with a big variety of cryptocurrencies available on the market. It visually displays all owned assets in one circular diagram to have an overview of the overall balance. In addition to this, Exodus provides 24-hour support.
More details about the wallet can be found on their website.

Atomic – the first non-custodial Atomic Swap wallet

Atomic is a multi-asset multi-platform wallet that supports all the top Blockchains and over three hundred tokens. It’s a first non-custodial wallet with a cross-chain Atomic Swap technology. You can buy crypto with a credit card right in Atomic Wallet interface and swap it within a built-in exchange service.
With Atomic Wallet, you can manage all of your cryptocurrency assets in a decentralized way. You can swap your coins and tokens with no counterparty risk. All private data are stored in an encrypted manner on the end-user device and never leave it out, so your money is totally under your control.
It’s the convenient and versatile decentralized solution for custody-free cryptocurrency managing. More information can be found on the official website.

Blockchain – better late than never multi-platform wallet

Established in 2011 and registered in Luxembourg. It proved both mobile and desktop functionality.
Blockchain claims to have issued over 33 million wallets over time and transacted over $200B in digital assets. The fees for using this browser-based wallet are one of the lowest in the industry according to the reviews.
Some of the advantages are their advanced 2-step verification. Blockchain automatically generates a new wallet address after each digital transaction as a measure of privacy. However, it is believed that the identity verification process is slightly overwhelming. It is available on both browser and mobile platforms. More information on their website.

ElectrumSV – desktop only wallet

ElectrumSV is built on Bitcoin white paper’s principles and its values with the intention to be stable and non-experimental. It is a more technically advanced wallet solution and fully open-source for developers.
Back in 2011, Thomas Voegtlin created Electrum, a popular and commonly used wallet for Bitcoin Core. ElectrumSV is building on that good work, both providing the same useful set of core features everyone knows the Electrum wallet family for, on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, and also extending and improving it.
Behind the ElectrumSV wallet are Neil Booth and Roger Taylor, both of whom have contributed to the Electron Cash wallet project, Neil also had created the ElectrumX server software which is used almost exclusively by all Electrum-based wallets. Follow the news here.

HandCash – a good mobile wallet

HandCash is an easy way to store or send your Bitcoin SV. You can send cryptocurrency to your friends by selecting them from your phone’s contact list. Only a nickname is used when transferring money instead of an actual address. You can back up your account in the Google drive and can recover the account in one click. It runs on the main net and is considered as one of the top BSV mobile wallets. You can find more information here.

CentBee – a user-friendly mobile wallet

CentBee is located in South Africa and provides an easy way to store and send Bitcoin SV (BSV) on your mobile device anywhere in the world under 2 seconds as stated on their website. In terms of account recovery, the user must provide the 12-word phrase, otherwise, there is no way of recovering the coins. It seems that the wallet is growing and constantly improving their user experience. You can find all the details about the wallet on their official website.

Ledger Nano S – the best BSV hardware wallet

best BSV hardware wallet
One of the most popular hardware wallets Ledger Nano S is looking forward to introducing BSV support soon, after which it might turn out as the best hardware BSV wallets.
As of now, BSV is not supported in Ledger Live. Instead, users can either split their BCH via the Electron Cash splitting tool or exchanges e.g. Kraken.
Users that secured their Bitcoin Cash using a Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue prior to the hard fork automatically own an equal amount of Bitcoin SV as they own Bitcoin Cash.


Since the BCH hard fork took place in November 2018, a growing number of companies and BCH projects appear on daily basis. For the full list of wallets keep an eye on the list on the regularly updated official list on the website.