Learn & Earn, Horizen ZEN

It’s Crypto Christmas on the hori(zen)! Learn new things ZEN with Guarda and receive holiday prizes in the process!

Learn & Earn, Horizen ZEN
Step 1

In-depth Horizen breakdown

Check out our Horizen (ZEN) guide! Everything you need to know about the project’s basics, how to buy ZEN on Guarda, how to use ZEN & a lot more – all in one place!

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Your in-depth Horizen guide
Step 2

AMA with Rob Viglione, Team Lead for Horizen

Check out our interview with Horizen’s Rob Viglione for a useful scoop of all Horizen updates and hottest questions from the ZEN & Guarda community!

Step 3

Now check your knowledge and try your luck!

Use your newly obtained knowledge to pass this quick quiz: partake in our holiday Horizen giveaway and get your chance to win $200 in ZEN, apart from many other prizes!

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