Learn & Earn, Verge XVG

How about learning more about Verge and scoring exciting prizes? 15 000 XVG awarded — join now!

Learn & Earn, Verge XVG
Step 1

The ultimate XVG guide is here

Find everything there is to know about Verge in this guide. What is Verge Currency? How does XVG work? Where to buy and store it? Let’s find out.

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Your in-depth Verge guide
Step 2

AMA with Alex Ederer, Marketing Ninja at Verge Currency

Don’t forget to watch Guarda AMA with Alex Ederer. We discussed Verge rebranding, future plans and much more!

Step 3

Quiz it up! How about testing your knowledge?

Take this short quiz and see how much you learned about Verge. The winners will be picked among ones to successfully pass the quiz.

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