Learn & Earn QTUM

It is time to learn everything about staking QTUM on Guarda and win prizes along the way 🎁

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Learn & Earn QTUM
Step 1

QTUM AMA Guarda Recap

Here is the recap of the AMA session with Guarda’s representatives (Alex Gerus and David) and QTUM's community representative — Frank Bruno, and its members.

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QTUM AMA Guarda Recap
Step 2

QTUM offline staking

Want to stake QTUM but not sure where to start? In this short video we will guide you through the whole process.

Step 3

Take the quiz
for a chance to win

Now you are ready to take the QTUM Offline Staking quiz. Best part? There is a good chance of winning. Doesn’t really get better than this.

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