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Guarda Wallet is five years old. From starting as a single-currency wallet, Guarda’s decentralized architecture has moved to support multiple currencies.

With Guarda Wallet, you have 100% private keys control and unrestricted access to your funds. Our all-in-one wallet exchange platform allows users to buy, sell, send, receive, swap, store, and stake various crypto assets. Guarda is a light wallet - All data is entered by you, which means no third-party server has access to them.

Ultimate Crypto Wallet

A Look Back on the Journey.

Guarda’s journey is one of growth and development. We're excited to share with you the timeline of what has been a 5-year development.

2017 – 2018


Starting as a single-currency wallet for Android between 2017-2018, Guarda was first released as an Ethereum wallet. Guarda has now become a multi-asset digital wallet with new features added yearly.

2018 – 2020

Online Wallet

2018-2019, we launched our web version to add various tokens, and from 2019-2020, our platform was available to iOS and Android users.

2020 – 2021


The timeline between 2020-2021 was very busy and exciting as we added more interesting features to the ecosystem.

2021 – 2022

Visa Cards

From 2021-2022, we worked on preparing, testing, and releasing our Visa card on the Guarda mobile app for users to pay for goods and services. The card –virtual or plastic– can be used across the EU anywhere Visa is accepted. This is a huge step towards making crypto adoption more mainstream.

5 Years In Numbers

You can now hold basically any tokens on any popular blockchain. Overall 50+ blockchains supported.

Assets available

Several services have been added to Guarda's ecosystem, allowing us to provide you with over 300 assets available for purchase.

Assets for purchase

The app is available online via any browser as well as can be installed for Windows, Mac, Linux, or downloaded for iOS or Android.

Downloads across all platforms

Our Mission

We believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to revolutionize the world. Therefore, we keep working to develop the tools and features to make it possible for everyone to participate in this movement.

Our goal is to make cryptocurrency accessible and easy for everyone, regardless of their background or experience with cryptocurrencies. We want people to take advantage of all the benefits that cryptocurrencies can offer without worrying about a steep learning curve or complicated processes. In addition, we want people to feel confident in their ability to manage their funds and secure how they store them.

Our Ecosystem

Since we launched our first product in 2017, our ecosystem has come a long way. Today, a lot is going on in our ecosystem. Let's take a look at some of them.


Store your crypto via Desktop, mobile, web, and browser extension wallets.


Get up to 20% APY by staking some assets you store in your wallet to generate passive income.


Swap one cryptocurrency for another within the ecosystem without registration or KYC.

GRD Token

Collect the native token of our ecosystem to enjoy perks exclusive to Guarda Wallet users.


The go-to spot to find out more about crypto, blockchain, and DeFi from our blog and academy.

Token Generator

You are thinking of creating a token. Just name it, and it will be generated for distribution.

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