Written By Elizabeth Saul


Guarda Wallet + Ledger

Guarda Wallet + Ledger


The Ledger Nano is the most popular, safe, and reliable hardware wallet for the storage of cryptocurrencies. What happens if we merge its functionality with Guarda? Is it possible? Yes!
Guarda + Ledger Nano S
It is real and anyone can enjoy all the advantages of Guarda Wallet and Ledger Nano. The power and beauty of these products are their versatility and reliability. Ledger Nano carries your private keys, but it never connects to the internet. Hackers don’t have a way to access your crypto assets because all the data needed to decrypt (unlock) your digital funds are stored offline in ‘cold’ storage. Hardware wallets not only store your private keys but also sign transactions on your behalf before adding them to the network, making it easier to hold and use cryptocurrencies safely. The Ledger Nano device looks like a USB flash drive and attaches to your PC in the same manner. Guarda wallet combined with Ledger Nano is the best way to store and manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Binance Coin or Callisto. If you don’t use them, it’s time to get started.


Enhanced security

Guarda’s and Ledger’s priority is to keep digital assets safe. Guarda Wallet uses Encrypted (AES algorithm) backup for additional security while the Ledger Nano uses a dual-chip setup. The first chip (Secure Element) contains your confidential data, such as 24-word seed phrase, PIN code, and private keys. The other chip doesn’t manage any important data and just serves as the connection between your PC and the Secure Element. Using Guarda and Ledger together significantly decreases the chance of extracting vital data like your private keys.

How to use Guarda Wallet with Ledger?

Guarda’s interface enables you to check your portfolio in real-time, stake, exchange, and safely purchase supported coins, tokens, and stablecoins using a credit card. Anyone can connect either Ledger Nano S to handle multiple assets with a single wallet. Using Guarda you can Ledger Bitcoin Hardware Wallet, Ledger Ethereum Hardware Wallet, Ledger Binance Coin Hardware Wallet, Ledger Ethereum Classic Hardware Wallet, Ledger Callisto Hardware Wallet, and Ledger Litecoin Hardware Wallet. Before you connect Ledger Nano and Guarda Wallet, you need to install the necessary apps using the Ledger software (the Ledger Live app) for creating and managing your accounts. Don’t forget to upgrade it to the latest version.

Just access your Guarda Wallet and find “Ledger” in the left column, then click on the “Connect” button.

Using Guarda Wallet, you can rapidly exchange crypto, without depositing your funds on centralized exchanges or other platforms, not entrusting the control of your funds to third parties. All your assets continue to remain in cold storage under your full control.