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Best wallet for Litecoin | Top LTC Wallets Review

Best wallet for Litecoin | Top LTC Wallets Review

In this review, Guarda will compare various Litecoin wallet services to find the best one.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin (LTC) is one of the biggest altcoins in the blockchain community. It forked out from Bitcoin in 2011 to become, by the words of its creator Charlie Lee, a lighter, more approachable version of Bitcoin. And it definitely succeeded. Litecoin is a much easier blockchain to join and make some profit out of. The core distinction lays in the mining algorithm. Where Bitcoin uses processing power-hungry algorithm Litecoin uses memory-hungry one. It means that in Litecoin blockchain it is much more difficult to create a mining pool and to centralize the platform. On top of that, LTC transactions come through much quicker which makes it the perfect currency if you frequently make a lot of smaller transactions. And if you do you probably have asked yourself a couple of times if you use the best LTC wallet and how LTC wallet works. Well, we hope this article will help you to understand and choose a wallet that is perfect to serve your needs!

Guarda — the best Litecoin online wallet

Best online wallet

Guarda is a multi-currency multi-platform wallet that was released in 2017 ad quickly gained popularity. Its web-based wallet has the richest feature set and will suit best for everyday needs. As of right now, aside from LTC, Guarda supports 35 coins, 250+ ERC-20 and QRC-20 tokens and instant exchange among them. It is a cold-storage wallet, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your private keys stolen from the Internet. Other top-of-the-line features include purchasing LTC with other coins or USD card and import/export of your private keys. To learn the rest visit Guarda website

LoafWallet — the best Litecoin iOS wallet

best Litecoin iOS wallet

LoafWallet was developed by the creator of Litecoin, Charlee Lee. Right now it is completely open-source and is maintained by the community. Being the first iOS wallet released for LTC it didn’t become any less popular when new options appeared. Understandably so, as it is secure, easy and accessible. To grant safety it uses HD (hierarchical deterministic) algorithm, the nice interface provides easiness of use. Loafwallet also makes your funds accessible with a fast process by connecting straight to the Litecoin wallet. To sum up, we think Loafwallet is the perfect on-the-go iOS Litecoin wallet. You can read more about it on its website

Ledger Nano S — the best hard wallet for Litecoin

Best hardware wallet for Litecoin

Hard wallets are essential if you are willing to keep your funds as secure as possible. Among the competitors, Ledger Nano S is considered to be the most rational choice in terms of price and utility. The company uses the open source code, develops its own application store and guarantees high security of its products. Nano S has the lowest price among all the hardware Litecoin wallets and still manages to have an astounding amount of benefits. It works with all of the operating systems, and all you will have to do to start working is to download the Wallet Manager and set the seed phrase. To learn more about Ledger Nano S wallet you need to go to Ledger website

Liteaddress — the best paper LTC wallet

the best paper LTC wallet

Liteaddress is a website that can generate a set of private and public addresses for your Litecoin wallet. Later you will be able to print it out and enjoy Litecoin offline wallet that you don’t have to pay for (unlike any hardware wallet). The keys are printed as QR codes which, when scanned, open access to all of your transactions. In such a way you have complete control over your wallet if the safety of a sheet of paper is ensured.

Trezor — LTC hard wallet

LTC hard wallet

Trezor is another option for Litecoin offline wallet. The company was the first one to introduce hardware wallets to the market and, up to this day, their standards of security and utility are the best you can find. Trezor wallet is slightly easier to navigate as you don’t have to download a Litecoin wallet, you work from your browser. When making your decisions you must remember that Trezor prices are up to three times as high as the prices of the competitors. Although keep in mind that being careless with your private keys costs so much more. If you are really interested in safe-keeping your LTC coins you might want to consider this option on the website.

Exodus — LTC desktop wallet

LTC desktop wallet

Exodus is a web-based multi-currency wallet that supports Litecoin. It is not ranked to top Litecoin wallets of all time but still has some undeniable benefits. It is only partially open-sourced and does not have two-factor authentication but the community has praised it for the availability of some rare coins and tokens and in-built instant exchange. If you are looking for a wallet with a nice interface and basic working order it might be a wallet just for you. Check it out here

Litecoin Core wallet

Litecoin core

Litecoin Core is an official Litecoin client wallet that was released by the Litecoin development team. It is not rich in features and the synchronisation might take a while since it is a full client that requires downloading the whole Litecoin blockchain. However, this desktop wallet is a great backup option to have or to use when some extra security is needed. You can download this highly stable LTC wallet on the official website.

Jaxx Litecoin wallet

Jaxx Litecoin wallet

Jaxx is another multi-currency and cross-platform wallet. With its focus on design and crypto news aggregation, it will come in handy if you are a market analyst or prefer to have all the relevant to the market information in front of you. Jaxx allows synchronisation between devices, an instant exchange between more than 80 currencies and have quick access to the block explorers information. If you are willing to give it a go visit Jaxx web page.