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Best Tron Wallet | Top TRX Wallets Review

Best Tron Wallet | Top TRX Wallets Review

Founded by prominent entrepreneur Justin Sun, TRON Network is an ambitious project which aims to build the future of the truly decentralized Internet and global free content entertainment system that uses blockchain technology. The digital currency we are going to cover is of the same name and is denoted TRX. Apart from its crypto functions, Tron can be used in the TRON network to vote for super representatives and obtain bandwidth.

Yes, there is no surprise that TRX can be obtained at the major exchanges but the real question is how and where to store it. The Guarda team has collected the topical information about the leading TRX wallets from all the respectful sources and now ready to share it in a clear and straightforward manner.

Among the pioneer wallets, Guarda itself was one of the first to add TRX to the list of supported coins. Cannot wait? You can get your TRX Guarda Wallet right now.

What is TRON?

Tron network

Initially, Tron cryptocurrency came into sight after its $70 million ICO on the Ethereum blockchain (based on ERC-20 standard) in September 2017. However, in June 2018 it migrated to its own mainnet and is now a token based on the TRON Protocol issued by TRON Foundation.

At the time of writing (July 2019), TRON is in world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in comparison with being top 20 only one year ago. 

TRON implements a modified Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) algorithm that can achieve a higher transaction volume per second than proof-of-work (PoW) networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum

TRON was one of several smart contracts platforms whose original initiative was to improve the performance of Ethereum. Due to that, TRX is an Ethereum’s competitor and that is why like ETH, it might skyrocket in price. Hence, lots of digital giants turned their heads towards Tron to keep track of what is next for this promising crypto coin.

An interesting fact: the smallest denomination of TRX is sun in honor of its founder, 1 TRX equals 1,000,000 sun.

Guarda — a go-to wallet

Are you desperate for a high level of security? Do you crave to be in control of your own personal information and funds? Are you constantly switching from your mobile phone to computer and backwards? If yes, then Guarda is a perfect solution for you!

Not only is it one of the best non-custodial wallets on the market. Guarda is also accessible from multiple platforms: Web, Desktop (Windows, Linux, mac OS), Mobile (Android, iOS) and Chrome extension versions are here for you to help with TRX management. 

What is more, Guarda has access neither to your wallet nor to any personal data giving you as a client full opportunity to control your digital assets as a sole owner. Thus, the Guarda team strongly encourages you to keep your private keys and passwords in a secure place away from curious eyes.

Guarda Wallet allows to receive, send, sell, purchase and exchange securely Tron and over 40 various coins and 10.000 tokens. For more info, visit Guarda the official website.

Ledger Nano X & Ledger Nano S — the only certified hardware wallet on the market

Ledger Wallet

If you know that crypto security is crucial for your assets, you probably have heard about hardware wallets. There is one of them that is known for its “sleek and sexy” design as said by its clients. We are talking about Ledger wallet, of course. 

Ledger itself supports 23 cryptocurrencies and much more via third-party apps. Ledger understands the value of personal information and stores customers’ funds offline making their users feel safe about their investments.

The idea behind hardware wallets is that your private keys remain protected within a secure chip locked by a PIN code. Moreover, in case you are scared of losing your chip, there is a perfect option for you. After purchasing and opening your hardware wallet you need to come up with a confidential 24-word phrase. If you lose your chip, you can always restore your accounts by recalling the recovery phrase.

To get more information, visit the website.

Trust Wallet — a mobile-app-only wallet

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet supports a broad choice of digital assets, with one of them being TRX. It provides its clients with so-needed security, handy services and 24-hour support. Following the principles of decentralization, Trust will never access user wallets, keep private keys or require personal information. 

In July 2018, Trust Wallet was acquired by Binance, becoming its official wallet. While Trust is retaining its autonomy, it surely must benefit from the synergy of this collaboration.

However, currently, it is only available for mobile devices both in AppStore and Google Play. Trust development team is constantly working on extending the list of supported coins, so keep track of it on their official website.

Atomic Wallet — an easily accessible wallet 

Atomic Wallet

Atomic is a multi-platform wallet working with numerous crypto assets. Currently, there are more than five hundred coins and tokens available, and the list keeps growing. 

With Atomic, you can send, receive, exchange and buy cryptocurrency without a sense of insecurity. That is guaranteed by the decentralized Atomic Swap technology that enhances your funds’ safety while exchanging coins. It means that you are never exposed to counterparty risks.

You can access your Atomic wallet on all major operating systems and even through your smartphone. You simply need to download it in AppStore or Google Play depending on which mobile device you use. You can get started whenever you want. Yes, it is that easy!

Exodus – a stylish desktop wallet

Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet works with over one hundred digital assets on multiple platforms: its Desktop and Mobile versions are accompanied by an interesting option of hardware enforcement (yes, Exodus is going to be integrated with the Trezor device). However, since Exodus hardware version is still in development, some of the crypto assets are not available there, TRX being one of them.

Don’t get disappointed too fast, Exodus intends to make stable good service on a permanent basis. At this point, the company provides its customers with stylish circular live charts that show the structure of your balance. They require seamless control and bring to you useful insights about the funds. Among the main features, there is the ability to send, receive and exchange your cryptocurrency whenever you want.

If you still require more in-depth information, go to the website.


Going by the motto “Decentralize the Web”, Tron community has been actively growing while seeking to attract a broader audience and developer population. In July 2018, TRON made waves in the digital community by acquiring BitTorrent – the popular P2P file-sharing network. We guess that TRON’s integration with BitTorrent will likely play a vital role in the future development of the network and its community.