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How to Set Up Ripple XRP Wallet

Every cryptocurrency hodler has to spend some time figuring out the crypto wallet basics before starting with the purchases. Due to this, the Guarda wallet team is making an effort to break down the basics of crypto wallets for each of selected cryptocurrencies. Today, we talk Ripple XRP wallet. (more…)

best cryptocurrency exchange
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform – Guarda Selection

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most discussed topics in the community. To start trading, one needs to find a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platform to roll along with. The biggest crypto exchange services are all open to the public – the only thing you need to do is choose the right one. Choose the best exchange to buy cryptocurrency on together with Guarda and our partners. 


Bitcoin Cash wallet
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Bitcoin Cash Wallet Review | Best BCH Wallet

Before operating Bitcoin Cash, the users need to think of a secure place to store it in. BCH became somewhat of a trending topic after the November Hard Fork – a radical upgrade that divided the blockchain into two competing coins. We have already made a list of BSV storage services, now it is time to find the best Bitcoin Cash wallet together with Guarda(more…)

BitTorrent BTT
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BitTorrent BTT | Everything you need to know

BitTorrent plays a huge role in the recent crypto world and does that for a reason. Newly launched TRON based cryptographic token called BitTorrent (BTT) by BitTorrent Foundation is perhaps the most successful crypto project in 2019 Q1. BitTorrent Inc offered the first 59.4B of BTT tokens to be sold on Binance launchpad and in just under 15 minutes they were completely wiped out! (more…)