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Best Ethereum Wallet | ETH Wallets Review

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform that revolutionized the blockchain system. Its algorithm works in a way that allows not only processing given code but also creating new operations. That’s how Ethereum makes it possible to make decentralized applications (dApps) using its platform. So, Ethereum is much more than a simple currency, it’s a tool. For the people who are interested in ETH solely for investment purposes though, we have prepared this Ethereum wallets review. Hopefully, it will help you to find the best Ethereum wallet for managing your funds. (more…)

Best Bitcoin Wallet
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Best Bitcoin Wallet | BTC wallet review

What is Bitcoin?

It is hard to believe that one might know about the blockchain market at all and not know about Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency that has ever been created and right now it is almost legendary. There is a great deal of information solving the question of what is the best bitcoin wallet and which bitcoin wallet to use. But the more information there is the easier it is to get lost, right? This article is meant to navigate you through the top BTC wallets out there and explain how to create a Bitcoin wallet and maintain it. (more…)

Bitcoin Gold Wallet
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Best Bitcoin Gold Wallet | BTG wallet review

What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of well-known Bitcoin blockchain that appeared after the first fork – Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Gold is also called the “currency for miners”. The main feature of BTG is the use of the Equihash algorithm, which allows miners to use video cards for mining. Moreover, Bitcoin Gold is the only fork that can be mined with the help of a GPU and it is protected from the use of ASICs, making the network more decentralized. Choosing a right Bitcoin Gold Wallet may be challenging to BTG popularity, but Guarda is here to help with the choice.


Best Monero Wallet
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The Best Monero Wallet | Top Monero Wallets Review

What is Monero?

Monero is a blockchain system well known for its security and transparency. Since 2014, when it forked out from Bytecoin, XMR coin has been a sound investment option. It is of no surprise that many people are getting into it. Obviously, it leads to the question of what is the best Monero (XMR) wallet out there. We hope that this article will help you make your decision with the hands-on examples and technical information! (more…)

Best Stablecoin
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Benefits of Cryptocurrency Stablecoins | Best Stablecoin

Dearest Hodlers,

We all know the thrill of collecting different cryptocurrencies in your wallets. The more you get… The more you have? But have you ever tried to get something with your crypto? Even if some of the answers would be “yes” (and there are certainly people who buy things with crypto), it does not mean that the real-world purchases performed with cryptocurrencies are such widespread phenomena.


Ethereum Constantinople Delayed
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Ethereum Constantinople Delayed

The Internet is outraged (or, is some cases, quite upset) about the news we have heard just a day prior to the long-awaited Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork. According to a security firm ChainSecurity, a critical bug was found in the code changes that were ready to be implemented for Constantinople upgrade. Due to this, the major hard fork of Ethereum blockchain has to be postponed. (more…)

Ethereum Constantinople
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What is Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

With the major Ethereum Constantinople hard fork just three days ahead, it is time for Guarda Wallet to break down the basics of this update in our overview article. You might have seen a lot of information on the January hard forks already, but do not get yourself lost in the sea of information like some of the people, unfortunately, did. What we mean by that is sending your private keys to the services that are, so to say, questionable – like Ethereum Classic Vision and Ethereum Nowa “forks”. If you have not heard this story yet, you can read about Guarda team making research of these two fraudulent projects on major cryptocurrency media like CCN and Cointelegraph. (more…)