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Earn Rewards With Guarda Staking Platform

Earn Rewards With Guarda Staking Platform

Crypto enthusiasts are making money within the space, not by just trading, mining, or HODLing. Instead, they also use a method that allows them to lock their cryptocurrency and earn a reward after a given period. This process is called ‘staking.’ Guarda Wallethas allowed its users to stake certain assets, and we are pleased to announce our own staking platform. The platform is an innovative way to earn income by staking specific assets through Guarda. The more assets you stake, the higher your reward will be. Depending on the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of the asset, you can stake and receive up to 20% of the total amount you stake per year.

So, What Exactly Is Staking?

Staking is the process of locking crypto assets for a fixed period to support a blockchain’s operation. Staking can be thought of as the crypto equivalent of depositing money in a high-yield savings account. Staking your crypto earns you more cryptocurrency, a fraction of the interest gained through the staking period.

Overview of Guarda Staking Platform

The staking platform, built into the Guarda ecosystem, allows you to stake 12 assets currently. You can increase your asset’s value with Guarda by earning monthly/yearly rewards and dividends just by depositing and holding funds on Guarda. On the platform, you can see:

  • the cryptocurrencies available for staking;
  • the APY you can receive depending on the assets;
  • the minimum staking amounts; 
  • the length of the lock-up period;
  • the terms of staking, etc. 

You just need to add the asset of your choice to your wallet, buy it, and stake it to earn more.

What Cryptocurrencies Can You Stake to Earn?

You can earn rewards with 12 assets on the Guarda staking platform. The assets listed below can be staked on our platform and delegated to our validators. 

Staking Assets Tickers Rewards
Ethereum ETH ~4.09%
Tron TRX ~4.64%
Ontology ONT ~28.87%
Harmony ONE ~9.98%
Cosmos ATOM ~13%
ChangeNow NOW ~25%
Komodo KMD ~5%
Qtum QTUM ~6%
Cardano ADA ~5%
Zilliqa ZIL ~14%
Tezos XTZ ~6%
Callisto CLO ~8%

Benefits of the Staking Platform

Simplicity:It is like a walk in the park. Once you click ‘EARN,’ you are presented with the available assets, APY, etc. You just have to choose your preferred assets, follow the steps on ‘how to stake’ below, and start earning.  Gains:With the platform, you can generate passive income with your cryptocurrency assets rather than just leaving them in your wallet. The maximum staking reward is 20%, which is a pretty significant reward. Options: You can pick from a variety of assets. It is possible to calculate the different APY for each of them. In addition, Guarda Wallet provides a range of validators. For example, suppose you want to stake Cardano on Guarda Wallet. In that case, our validator fee maybe 2.5%, while another may charge the same 2.5% and another 3.0%. You can choose what works best for you based on their fee. This enables you to carry out your analysis and then make a choice.

How to Stake These Assets

The staking process depends on the assets’ protocol. Before you start, you need to download and create an account on Guarda wallet. Add any of the assets mentioned above to your wallet for easy access and download the backups. Then, follow these common steps to stake them for passive income.  Step 1:Go to your Guarda account’s ‘EARN’ page. Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to stake.  Step 2:You will be directed to a ‘BUY’ page if you do not have funds in your wallet. Buy the assets since you need to have funds in your wallet, which will be staked.  You can also exchange other cryptocurrencies for the coin or token you need. A coin like Ethereum can be importedfrom an existing wallet on another platform. Step 3:Click on ‘Deposit for staking’ and input the amount you wish to deposit.  Step 4:Choose a validator. You can delegate your assets to our validators or select others by clicking ‘Advanced options.’ The deals might differ depending on the validators. Just choose the one you feel is more profitable.  Step 5:Click “Next” and confirm your details to begin earning your rewards.

About Guarda Wallet

Guarda is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that gives you full access to your funds by allowing you to control your keys. It is a secure and easy-to-use wallet for storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies. It also offers an opportunity to earn income by staking some assets.