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Bitcoin Pizza Day, 12 Years Later

Bitcoin Pizza Day, 12 Years Later
The crypto market has changed years after the first Bitcoin Pizza Day. Many coins tried to follow in Bitcoin’s footsteps. Some have proven themselves to be a force to reckon with; others failed. So in 2022, let’s see which cryptos you would endorse based on your favorite pizza flavors!

Which Crypto Should You Buy Pizza With Based on Your Favorite Pizza?

History of Bitcoin Pizza Day

bitcoin pizza day illustration

On May 18th, 2010—a year after Bitcoin’s launch — a Bitcoin forum user, Laszlo Hanyecz, posted ‘Pizza for Bitcoin?’ In the post, he offered to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for 2 pizzas. On the 21st, he expressed how he thought it would be interesting to say he paid for Pizza with Bitcoins.

On the 22nd of the same month—a few days after — the original post, he made another post ‘I just wanted to report that I successfully traded 10,000 bitcoins for Pizza.’ He attached several photos of 2 large pizzas from Papa John’s and thanked the individual — Jercos — who assisted in the purchase. Since then, Bitcoin has celebrated pizza day every year on the 22nd of May.

The purchase of the 2 pizzas was the first reported commercial transaction made with Bitcoin. You might be wondering why to pay 10,000 BTC for just 2 pizzas, but at that time, bitcoin was worth a few cents. Since then, the cryptocurrencies have increased in value, even reaching an ATH of $68,000 in November 2021. The price of the pizza in today’s value of Bitcoin will be $301701300.

Now in 2022, with the current value of Bitcoin, you could buy almost 1300 large pizzas for 1 BTC at Papa John’s. So there are a lot of reliable digital assets to safely hold and purchase anything with — pizzas, Tesla cars, or plane tickets!

If you had a chance to buy your favorite pizza with crypto coins for the first time and create a new holiday, which crypto asset would you choose to pay for? Based on your favorite pizza flavor, let’s find out which crypto you would choose to pay.

Margherita Pizza: Bitcoin

The ones that started it all, of course! They are both firsts in their respective market. According to Nakamoto, Bitcoin was created to allow “online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.” The concept of Bitcoin fits well with Laszlo’s actions 12 years ago.

Pepperoni Pizza: Ethereum

Basic, classic flavor loved by many and used all over the world. Like those crispy pepperoni pieces, dApps and new crypto tokens appear on the Ethereum network daily, sometimes even making it heavier and slower to consume!

BBQ Chicken Pizza: Polygon

Layer 2 scalability solution fits this network like a portion of nice BBQ sauce, spicing up a solid offering of meaty topping. The latter is basic enough for multiple dApps to be built on Polygon, making the MATIC network a viable alternative to well-established Ethereum. With the recent collaboration with Instagram on its own NFTs, Polygon is sure here to stay, regardless of how Ethereum will progress in the future.

Meat Lover’s Pizza: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu

shib doge coin meat lover's pizza

Meat, meat, and more meat; the pizza is loved by people who love meat. Dogecoin is a coin said to be loved by the Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu worldwide. It started as a meme coin and became one of the most popular coins in the market in 2021. Elon’s favorite coin, as seen in several tweets. Tesla also accepts Dogecoin as payment for some merch and its supercharging stations.

One of the reasons Shiba Inu was created is the team’s love for Shiba Inu dogs. Also a meme coin, the cryptocurrency gained the attention of crypto enthusiasts in 2021.

Three Cheese Pizza: Avalanche

Like this delicious meal, Avalanche is a triple threat with 3 parachains—X-Chain, P-Chain, and C-Chain—to ensure network stability. This makes AVAX a popular and low-cost solution for DeFi, building, NFTs minting, and Metaverse expansion!

Hawaiian Pizza: Sandbox

Hawaiian pizza for sandbox

The pizza flavor with a peculiar ingredient — pineapple — creates a unique experience for pizza lovers. Sandbox, a Metaverse wonderland, is a clear reminder of the best beaches you can imagine. Like, who wouldn’t want to spend some GameFi profits on a nice vacation in Hawaii? And don’t forget about NFTs! The blockchain-based game for playing and earning while creating fun experiences. Like Hawaiin pizza is loved by pizza and fruit lovers alike, Sandbox for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike!

Mexican Pizza: Chiliz

A pizza sports fans can eat while watching their favorite club. The fan token brings blockchain and sport together like the stuffed double dough pizza. Uhmmm Spicy!!!

Pizza Carbonara: BNB

Lightweight yet delicious, this pizza flavor is a nutritious offering. Same with BNB, which is backed by a solid ecosystem and operates on a scalable, fast cross-chain solution. BNB Smart Chain became so popular that many up-and-coming projects chose to launch their native crypto tokens on it firsthand.

California-Style Pizza: Polkadot

Just like this specific flavor, DOT combines two different basic ingredients: the main relay chain and user-generated parachains. These chains enable the creation of dApps.

Veggie Pizza: Litecoin

It’s “light,” duh. The coin, which is the ‘lite version of Bitcoin,’ is fast and provides low transaction costs.

Banana Pizza: Apecoin

banana pizza for ape coin

The banana’s sweet flavor in the pizza is like the one added to the crypto market. The BAYC created the coin as its governance token in March 2022, and after its launch, it left a sweet taste in the mouth of BAYC holders with its coin distribution.

Bonus: A Burnt Pizza Crust: Terra Luna

Not to offend the LUNAtics who lost their investments in the events of this May, but honestly, what else could you buy with one LUNA as of today? Nevertheless, we’re hopeful that Terra can pull back on its feet again, and we’re looking forward to it!