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Guarda Latest Release Notes | 11th of February

Guarda Latest Release Notes | 11th of February

What’s New on Guarda Wallet?

  • New search box

    Now you can find a new search box in the left column with suggested coins and tokens.

  • Additional Information

    If you need additional information, you can find it in Receive.

  • New sorting in Borrow

    Now you can sort Borrow and Current loans operations by date.

What Has Been Fixed:

  • Currency 

    Resolved an issue in From selector where currency could not be changed when returning from Receive tab.

  • ETH Staking Rewards

    If you stake, now you can get ETH staking rewards every 3 months (starting on the 25th until the 10th of each month).

That’s all for today! Stay tuned to get all the latest Guarda Wallet news and updates.