Ethereum Hard Fork
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Ethereum Hard Fork Support

The Internet is now filled with the news about the upcoming Ethereum hard fork (multiple, even). The cryptocurrency has recently gained back the second position on the list of currencies by market capitalisation – possible due to the scheduled updates. (more…)

Stake Decred
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Can you stake Decred?

When surfing the Web and trying to find some interesting blockchain-related communities, look at Decred. DCR cryptocurrency is not only supported in Guarda Wallet but also is fairly interesting research material, believe us. In this article, we would like to highlight the special features of Decred and break down some of the points on why DCR should get more attention in the crypto space. (more…)

Tezos Baking Main
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What is Tezos baking?

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg wore “Bakers Gonna Bake” sweatshirts that kind of became a meme for those lost in the Internets. Well, we are definitely not Snoop Dogg, but we know a thing or two about baking. If you think that cryptocurrencies and baking are not connected, read this Guarda article to find out more information and broaden your horizons. (more…)

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Komodo Staking in Guarda Wallet

As we all know very well, there are many income opportunities in the world – from selling horses in Westminster to professional gaming to cryptocurrency trading. With all these great chances of profit, it is still in people’s nature to find easier ways to earn a buck or two. Crypto platforms sure know of that and for this reason, a feature of staking was invented. (more…)

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Card Payments in Guarda Extension

Don’t you just hate it when you are gaming peacefully, but then something gets in your way? I guess we all do to some extent. Possible, you remember the oldie-yet-goldie YouTube video of a guy smashing his computer with a chair? Well, some people have it worse than the others, you know. Inability to buy crypto with cards is one of these annoying things getting on the bay of crypto gamers. (more…)

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Guarda Christmas Airdrop

Dear Guarda Wallet users, we are extremely happy that you have been with us during the course of this year! Now, when 2018 is coming to an end, we want to reward all of you with a special Christmas Airdrop. (more…)

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BREAKING: Guarda Supports Komodo Upgrade

Komodo Upgrade Upcoming

We are here this Friday to bring you some cryptocurrency news. We all know that if you do not develop, you do not survive – cryptocurrency world lives by pretty much the same rules. This jungle law is why network upgrades need to happen often. Cryptocurrencies need to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances. When talking about the networks that are good in reformatting and changing their game plans, we just have to mention Komodo (KMD). That’s a winner right here! (more…)

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Guarda Token Generator

Choose Tokens

It’s time to create your own token with Guarda!
As we all know, it is the very end of 2018 and tokens are the new black. It seems everyone now uses these crypto units in their tech enterprises. Some even make tokens just for fun. But is it really that easy?
Now, as jump on the bandwagon and launch Guarda Token Generator, it is!