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Earn CLO with Guarda Wallet and Callisto Network Bounty

Earn CLO with Guarda Wallet and Callisto Network Bounty

We have quite a story of working together with Callisto. Check out all the great materials we have released together overtime!  Now, our teams join the efforts to bring you all something exciting. To promote the adoption of CLO and Cold Staking, bring more knowledge about the projects and spread the word out there, we are giving away a total of 1000000 coins to 3925 lucky giveaway winners! The bounty will be conducted in three waves, all of them having increasing prizes in CLO – don’t miss out!

Callisto CLO bounty

To take part in the very first step of Callisto adoption bounty programme, you will need to:

  • Get a cryptocurrency wallet on Guarda (Download Guarda Wallet Mobile application and stake CLO on the go!)
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Follow Callisto on Twitter
  • Follow Callisto Audits Channel on Twitter
  • Join our Telegram group
  • Join Callisto Telegram group
  • Join our Telegram group for announcements
  • Join Callisto Telegram group for announcements
  • Participate in the quiz linked right here – all the correct answers can be found on the official website of Callisto Network

Participating in the first round will make you one of the chosen ones:

10 winners to get 2000 CLO
50 winners to get 1000 CLO
100 winners to get 750 CLO
250 winners to get 500 CLO
500 winners to get 300 CLO
1000 winners to get 200 CLO
winners to get 100 CLO

Second giveaway wave – Stake and Earn!

Do you know that Cold Staking gets you rewards already? What about if we back it up with even more prizes? The second round of our bounty is the Cold Staking competition. If you have already received CLO prizes from Guarda Wallet and Callisto, stake them as described here and receive extra perks. This round of Guarda Wallet and Callisto bounty will be held after the first coin distribution is over.

Among all the staking participants we will randomly choose the following users:

1 winner to get 50000 CLO
3 winners to get 10000 CLO
4 winners to get 7500 CLO
5 winners to get 5000 CLO

Third giveaway wave– for those of you willing to make a real impact!

Guarda Wallet and Callisto ecosystems are growing together – would you like to become a part of this union and get your ideas out there? Post your thoughts on the future development of our partnership as the comments for this Tweet (don’t forget to add #CallistoAdoption hashtag) and leave them in the bounty post on Bitcointalk! The more – the better! We will be evaluating your proposals and giving 22500 CLO to the authors of the most impressive propositions!

What is Callisto?

Callisto Network is one of the prosperous platforms on the current cryptocurrency market. The whole project was created by the developers of Ethereum Commonwealth – one of ETC development teams. Callisto Network is improving the methods for smart contract development and experimental protocols implementation. The said protocols are focused on combining the main features of smart contracts and protocol-level configuration. Basically, everything that Callisto is focusing on is based on smart contracts – the development funding mechanism, protocol used for governance system implementation and CLO cold staking.

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