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Written by Paul Sokolov

08 Feb 2019

Callisto Network Interview

Welcome to Guarda Crypto Awareness project!

In the span of the next several months, we would like to get our community maximally acquainted with the blockchain-related companies we are working with. We want to make the blockchain comfortable for you, this is why we invite the representatives of crypto networks, wallets, exchanges and even magazines to chat with us a little bit.  

This time, we have invited Alejo Chababo of Callisto to have a little conversation on CLO development and team, cryptocurrency adoption and, of course, crypto wallets.

Alejo was very enthusiastic to take part in our Awareness campaign and even invited Callisto’s CEO and CTO to join the chat and provide us with more details on the topics we were interested in.

Callisto Team Interview

Guarda is one of the few lightweight cryptocurrency wallets to support both Callisto (for storage and exchanges) and its staking feature. The teams of Callisto and Guarda were working closely for a decent amount of time, so we believe it’s the right moment to shed the light on some Callisto insights for our followers.


Guarda: First of all, tell us about yourself – who do have pleasure speaking to? One of our goals is personifying the blockchain experience of our users, so it is essential to know more about the people behind the projects we support.


Callisto: Hi there! The core team of Callisto Network here. Our names are Yohan Graterol (CEO), Carlos Sampol (CTO), and Alejo Chababo (COO). We don’t want to make it too long so you can go and take a look at our website to know more about us. Every single one of us has different social media profile you can check. We love that everyone involved in Callisto knows who the main team is.


Guarda: Alejo, as far as we have found out, you were previously working in Marketing and Sales – what was the thing that pushed you into the cryptocurrency world?


Callisto: There isn’t much that hasn’t been said about Crypto, the future and the opportunities that bring with it. Unique features, technology, new ways of interaction between people and machines. We have engaged with this world in different ways. Some of us because of the programming languages, the business opportunities and even with mining. We not only believe in the crypto itself, but we also believe in a lot of projects out there that are capable of changing this world. And here we are, surfing this exciting space with a lot of great people and trying to make a successful business.


Guarda: Were you in Callisto from the very beginning of the project? What brought you to the team?

Callisto: Yohan and Carlos are the co-founders of Callisto, Alejo was a community member since day one and a supporter of the project. After some good feedback between Alejo and Yohan, Alejo started to play a role as CMO at Callisto. During this period Alejo found a more suitable place as COO.


Guarda: How would you describe Callisto stands in 10 words? What are the core values of the project? 

Callisto: Transparent, self-funded and self-sustained blockchain with unique features.


Guarda: What about the project name?

Callisto: Well, we found it funny that some people only care about profits and not about the technology nor the opportunities around crypto. One of the famous sayings is “When moon”, so we thought that was funny to put the name of a moon for the project. So here it’s, you asked for it. Callisto is the moon.


Guarda: Ironic, we like it! With this attitude, what differs Callisto from other projects that are currently on the market? What are the future prospects of both technology and the currency?


Callisto: We have successfully implemented unique features, real products running in the Callisto ecosystem. In fact, one of them, Cold Staking (A way to generate passive income by holding your coins through a Smart-Contract) is incredibly famous among our users. More than 60% of the circulating supply is being held on this Smart-Contract. This shows us the confidence that every user out there using CLO believe on it and in the team.
At the same time, we offer another unique feature in Callisto. Free security audits for smart-contracts. This is run by real auditors that get paid for their work and the payments are made by Callisto itself. Security these days are very important and we want to provide this to every single smart-contract out there. This will generate brand awareness and recognition of our Blockchain.


Guarda: A random question – what is it like working in Callisto, from the point of the environment and team? Tell us more about your team’s biggest achievements and goals?

Callisto: Well, the work environment is extremely professional. Everyone on the team has the chance to speak and to be heard. Every point of view counts and in fact, the community itself speaks and its always being heard by the team. We all want the same, making successful and working products around the Callisto ecosystem and see it grow.


Guarda: The next question will be about the future development of Callisto – your roadmap states that you are researching a new monetary policy – what will it imply?

Callisto: We want to lower the inflation rate without affecting the miners nor the coins holders. We have two very strong proposals that are being analyzed by professionals economist and we will see the pros and cons of each proposal and then decide.


Guarda: Any thoughts on CLO mass adoption?

Callisto: We have the simplest way to invest in crypto with Cold Staking. It’s more profitable and more interesting rather than just buying a coin and seeing if the price of it goes up and down. Here you have the option to hold your coins and generate passive income with it every single month. There is no minimum or maximum amount to hold. Also, you don’t need specialized hardware, software, nor knowledge about technology. You can just do it in a few clicks or even with wallets such us Guarda in just a few steps. It’s simply as doing a fixed term deposit on your local bank through home banking.


Guarda: Surely, we cannot contain ourselves from asking about staking: any advice?

Callisto: Staking is meant to be used for any person with an internet connection. As we mentioned before, you don’t need anything else than coins to do it. Every single day the amount staked is increasing. We will continue working to improve this feature and also, to make it more profitable.


Guarda note: we have already made a text on Callisto Staking previously, you can check it in our blog.
Besides, CLO staking is always available in your Guarda wallets

You are going to find more PR advisors for Callisto – what are the requirements for the people who join the board?

Callisto: We are constantly looking for people who want to jump on board. Our only requirement is to be fully committed from their side to the main goals and the main reasons for Callisto.


Guarda: When we were taking this interview, the news of Ehtereum Constantinople upgrade were everywhere around the media. Callisto Network has big plans for Constantinople in their roadmap, too. This is exactly what provoked the next question. What are your thoughts on the Constantinople Upgrade – how can it be useful for the Callisto network.

Callisto: It will be implemented on the next Hard Fork. We wanted to see how it works on Ethereum before integrating on our blockchain. We keep our client up to date but when big things come, we first want to take a look at how it works.


Guarda: From the point of the community work, your roadmap states that you will be issuing the project of Callisto rewarding writers – how did you come up with this idea and where are you planning to find the freelancers?

Callisto: Our idea is to generate more quality content around us. The idea came from Yohan and Carlos. Alejo took the idea and put the pieces in place to make it a win-win. It will generate organic SEO and brand awareness and it will reward those freelancers who already know about us and want to do a review from their own words.


Guarda: One of the signs of your team being open to communication is the AMAs that Callisto often holds – you can see the announcements for them on Twitter and take part at any time you want. What are the very usual questions that you get in your Telegram AMA?

Callisto: When moon? Haha. Our community is incredibly professional and supporting. They ask about the upcoming features and the work done during the periods between AMA’s. This is great because we can have really good feedback from them and change things on the move. 10K brains think more than just a couple.


Guarda: Finally, some technical questions – what is the main reason Callisto stands out from the point of technology? Could you please elaborate on this?

Callisto: The main reasons are that we do not depend on donations, nor private sellings nor premined coins. We grow at the same time as the community. This the main reason that we can survive this kind of bear markets and still being on the road working, hiring and promoting CLO. Self-sustained and self-funded enterprise give us this opportunity. In terms of technology, we have one of the cheapest blockchains to run a smart-contract or an entire dApp, because of the low transaction fee. At the same time, Cold Staking smart-contract is live and we are very happy with the results of this technology.


Guarda: What was the idea behind free security audits?

Callisto: The constant hacks or exploits on smart-contracts were the main reasons that made us create the Audit department. No one cares about security until they got hacked. No one cares of their own pc or laptop security until they got a virus or a trojan inside that could steal/delete personal or sensitive information. To prevent that, we understand that offering this audits for free was a great move for everyone to take a look and run an audit before going live.


Guarda: Now, let’s move on the block of our general blockchain-related questions. Name two other blockchain projects that you admire. Why?

Callisto: ETH and EOS. ETH was groundbreaking with the technology when it went live and a couple of years later, everyone is still looking at what they do and how they do it. EOS is performing a new smart-contract platform with success, and a lot of great products are based on EOS technology.


Guarda: There are lots of speculations on the blockchain being integrated as a part of everyone’s daily lives. In your opinion, why is blockchain useful as technology? What are the fields that will profit most from the blockchain use?

Callisto: The blockchain is the equivalent to HTTP in the ’90; we are getting a revolutionary technology about a new way to store data, programming new software and manage the money/assets. Right now the main blockchain implementation is for assets management (money, crypto assets, collectables); however, we have big fields using blockchain as financial/accounting and countries as Estonia and their e-Estonia program.


Guarda: By the end of our interview, we just have to ask you about our own product. Guarda prides itself as a company trying to implement all the novelty features as soon as possible and make our cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain-related services match all the highest expectations of our users. So, we just have to ask– have you ever tried using Guarda yourself? Did anybody from your team use our product? What is your opinion?

Callisto: We have tried. Alejo still used it as his main wallet. Simply and clean way to access his assets. Also, he has found great support from Guarda’s team once he got a problem. On the other hand, Yohan and Carlos use daily Guarda to monitoring the UX of Guarda Wallet with Callisto.


Huge thanks to the Callisto team for participating in our Crypto Awareness campaign! There will be more interviews to come in the nearest future. Do not forget to subscribe to Guarda’s media channels to get the news of the Awareness Campaign first and find more information on Guarda partners and supported cryptocurrencies.

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