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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in February 2023

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in February 2023

On February 16, the overall crypto market cap hit $1.13 trillion, with numerous cryptocurrencies contributing. We will be looking at the top 5 cryptocurrencies in February. The five crypto assets mentioned in this article have seen notable gains, with Conflux Network (CFX) leading the pack. Read on to find out the top gainers. 

Conflux Network (CFX)

Market cap: ​​$559,282,974

The high throughput layer 1 blockchain cryptocurrency tops this February’s list. CFX started the month at $0.05 and immediately rose to $0.1 on February 16. It maintained an upward trend and peaked at $0.35 five days later, a 600% increase from its price at the beginning of the month. The price was 63.9% below its ATH price in May 2021. CFX ended the month and is currently trading at $0.2. 

Stacks (STX)

Market cap: $1,255,334,880

Stacks (STX) is the second asset that saw big gains in February. It started the month at $0.27, and though there was very little change in the days following, the price suddenly shot up to $0.73 on February 20. The cryptocurrency, which uses the Bitcoin network as its base layer, hit 0.93 seven days later—a 244.4% increase. It is currently trading at $0.91, a 71.9% decrease from its December 2021 ATH price. 

Ssv.network (SSV)

Market cap: $415,193,314

The third cryptocurrency on the list is SSV—the governance token used to pay network and operation fees on ssv.network. The price of SSV started at $18.80 on February 1 and hit $20 the same day. By February 9, it hit the $30 mark and continued upward, reaching $40 fourteen days later. SSV peaked at 49.14 on February 27, a 161.38% increase from its initial price. It is currently trading at $41.70 (a 15.14% decrease from its ATH on February 27, 2023).

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in February 2023


Market cap: $13,089,114,352

The ERC20 token started the month at $0.027 and increased to $0.043 four days later. HEX continued on a zig-zag and hit $0.068 on the last day of the month—February 28 (151.85% higher than the beginning). It is currently trading at $0.074 but is still 85.2% lower than its September 2021 ATH price.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in February 2023

RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF)

Market cap: $181,245,298

The fifth cryptocurrency cost $0.058 and continued on the trend before reaching $0.087 on February 20. However, it soon increased to $0.1 and peaked at $0.170 on February 23, a 95.40% increase from its price at the beginning of the month. Nevertheless, it trades at $0.190, 69.77% below its May 2021 ATH price. 


Looking back at February 2023, it’s clear that the top 5 cryptocurrencies are a varied group of digital assets. While none of them is popular, they add to the current crypto market cap. As the future of digital currency evolves, cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in terms of innovation and potential, as they act as important pieces of the puzzle for people all over the world seeking monetary solutions that are secure and reliable.