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AMA Recap with Solve.Care Token

AMA Recap with Solve.Care Token

Hello to our beloved community!
Here we are again with a new AMA recap that we held in our Telegram community chat.
This time you had a chance to ask Anastasiia Morozova from Solve.Care Token.
Anastasiia Morozova
Hi everyone, thank you for having me here today!

Let me start by introducing Solve Token to everybody.

Solve.Care has built a platform that redefines the way healthcare is accessed, delivered, managed, and paid for. The innovative use of Blockchain allows for configuration of patient-centric Care Administration Networks that allow participation based on disease conditions, economic and social needs, employment, and other criteria.
The Care. Wallet, one of our core products, allows users to connect to one or more Care Administration Networks (CAN) to manage their healthcare benefits and their health conditions. It simplifies tasks such as managing prescriptions, making appointments, managing disease conditions and simplifying the administrative and care coordination.
Our underlying goal is that every man, woman and child who needs healthcare at some point of our live will be able and will want to use Care.Wallet to take care of the needs when they arise. We want to make your healthcare experience as easy and effective as possible for you, me, our parents, and children.

The top 5 questions from Twitter

What is SOLVE used for? Can we use it as a payment method for paying healthcare services?

– Thank you for this question. SOLVE Token serves as a fuel for the Solve.Care platform and it has multiple uses across business, consumer, government and developer stakeholders globally. It is used to provide Care.Wallet and Care Administration Network users with access to healthcare services around the world.

And SOLVE is the payment currency throughout all networks connected to the Care.Wallet.

We are enabling the Care.Wallet for six different SOLVE transactions. The first is direct buying of SOLVE in the Care.Wallet. The second is the payment of every service inside of the Care.Wallet with SOLVE. The third is the ability to send or deposit tokens as a sponsor. The fourth is cost-sharing services inside of Care.Circles. The fifth and sixth transactions are the ability to earn tokens for being a network service provider and the ability to issue rewards with SOLVE as part of provider rewards programs.

The combined effect of these six transaction types means there is nothing a care network needs that SOLVE token cannot deliver

How will Solve.Care lead the revolution in the healthcare delivery industry?

– True, more and more patients are reluctant to visit their doctors due to the pandemic. Medical practitioners who are not primarily involved in treating Covid-19 cases have experienced a significant drop in patient appointments. And Solve.Care is paving the way to a new decentralized patient-centered care.

Last week we announced the launch of Global Telehealth exchange, a decentralized Care Network that removes the physical and geographical barriers associated with accessing healthcare services. Users will be able to consult medical practitioners anywhere in the world through their computers or personal devices. GTHE will provide physicians who wish to practice telemedicine the opportunity to be listed on the global blockchain registry.

As it is an open system, third party telehealth solutions will also have the opportunity to utilize this registry. All transactions on GTHE will be in SOLVE token, making foreign currency exchange rates and bank commissions redundant.

Who are your currents Clients? As I am from India, Health condition here is not so great, How do you see this market? What is the main problem in Expanding it to Developing countries over Developed Countries?

– Great question, thank you! Currently we have two major clients: Arizona Care Network, a leading accountable care organization in the US, and Top-20 pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim. We’ve also patnered with well-known transportation companies Uber Health and Lyft, major US government contractor HMS Technologies INC. There are many more clients and partners to come as we are always expanding our services to bring all of healthcare together.

India is a high-priority market for us in the long term. It’s a complex healthcare market that requires careful study and entry in close collaboration with key players. We are currently engaged in a number of strategic partnership discussions in the market and we look to launch our presence there in the near future.

Can you talk about your past? How did you decide to start the Solve.Care project and why is the project called SOLVE?

– Ok, I have a degree in international business, have been working in marketing for more than 7 years (more than 2 years with Solve.Care). But I would rather share with you the background of our CEO, Pradeep Goel, who has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare, human services, finance and technology.

He has been in the CEO, COO, CIO and CTO roles at various innovative technology companies. Pradeep was deeply involved in designing and building solutions for public programs such as Medicaid, Children health insurance program, Medicare, SNAP/TANF, Child Welfare program, health insurance. During the last 25+ years, Pradeep has built 4 healthcare IT companies and has been at the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, INC500/5000 fastest growing companies lists multiple times.

The idea for Solve.Care stemmed from a number of challenging experiences that our CEO, Pradeep Goel, had with the US healthcare system. As the parent of a young child with a neurological disorder who is in need of continuous care, his experiences compelled him to change the current system as it is. Through his regular contact with healthcare practitioners, Pradeep developed a passion for quality patient care, with the goal of removing inefficiencies that are plaguing the healthcare system.

– The company name is Solve.Care and the name of our token is SOLVE.
It is called Solve.Care because those 2 words reflect what we aim to do – to solve existing problems of the healthcare system in order to make quality care accessible to everyone.

What are the plans in shaping up for marketing and building a strong, core community which is essential for any new project in the crypto industry?

– Thank you for this question, our community is our significant advantage and we highly appreciate their support.

Our mission is to change healthcare, and our focus is to get global supporters, who will become active users and ambassadors of Solve.Care.

Solve.Care platform is built to be expanded by community, clients and partners. Care.Community will drive adoption and generate revenue by publishing innovative Care.Cards, that will be published on Care.Marketplace and generate recurring revenue for the publisher. Community members will be able to design and build Care.Cards relevant to either a particular region or need, adapt our platform to local markets, and, all the while, increase Solve.Care brand awareness.

We’ve also launched our staking program that enables community to participate in the company’s growth, empowers them to become the driving force behind our global expansion and rewards them for their success. You can find more details here https://solve.care/

– We are always looking to add new members and increase engagement of our existing members. In our community we have the Solve’N’Reward program where community members can get points for their active participation. These points are used to receive Solve.Care swag including T-shirts, backpacks and even fitness trackers and hardware wallets! Solve.Care also runs a community spotlight where we award our top contributing community members. Join our telegram to know more, our admins are always happy to help

Now the questions from the live session

Can you explain the use case and benefits of your products?

– As you already mentioned, Solve.Care platform comprises of Care.Wallet, Care.Cards, Care.Coins, Care.Protocol and Care.Vault.

Care.Wallet is a personal benefits and administrative wallet. Care.Cards are decentralized benefits apps that link and sync across wallets. Care.Coin is a programmable benefit currency issued by network sponsor.

Care.Protocol maps all healthcare relationships into protocol pairs. Care.Vault offers security, access and control over sensitive personal data.Clients use the platform to launch patient and practitioner centric care networks that are accessed through Care.Wallets, and access personalized benefits via Care.Cards. It’s not our product, but the main components of the platform that make it very innovative.

What is the uniqueness of solve project that cannot be found in other similar healthcare project?

– Solve.Care has created an ecosystem, not a standalone app, to address the needs of people using not only the US healthcare system, but systems in countries across the globe. This ecosystem focuses on redefining care coordination; improving access to care; empowering consumers with information and control over their data; reducing benefit administration costs; and helping to reduce fraud and waste in healthcare.

– It is important to note that Solve.Care platform is NOT a solution for clinical record sharing on blockchain, but rather an administrative, financial and coordination platform that delivers real and measurable ROI for clients.

SolveCare being a health focused blockchain, how have you contributed to the recent COVID-19 so far, maybe in cash, or research, or other useful ways?

– Solve.Care started very early with COVID-19 awareness. In February we hosted a donation campaign with Huobi and raised over $15,000 toward Project HOPE.

– And we have focused our energy on the key network types that make sense now. The first is COVID-19 testing and risk management related. It focuses on giving people the tools they need immediately to manage the risks around COVID-19, understand the tests and learn how to stay safe even when returning to work.
The other Care Network is Global Telehealth Exchange that taddresses many of the challenges that the global healthcare system is facing today and will break down geographical barriers between doctors and patients.

How can I inform my doctor about my health problems through Care.Wallet? Is there any kind of chat through the application or something similar?

– Care.Wallet will help in managing the various healthcare problems. It will allow patients and providers to make appointments and book rides to regular checkups to maintain good health. Patients could inform friends and family about their health by responding to How Are You Feeling Today (HAYFT) Care.Cards. They also will be able to keep their doctors regularly up to date with regard to daily improvements, or notices of pain levels.
With Care.Wallet patients could track their prescriptions, or receive reminders to take their medication. At the same time, doctors will be able to remotely manage the patient’s prescription, and, if required, add or exchange one medicine for another.

Can Anyone purchase SOLVE directly from the Care.Wallet as this will attract more users with different field other the Crypto?

– Very good question. We do have a clear plan of making SOLVE more accessiblre for everyone. This plan includes not only support from more trading platforms, but also we want to integrate them for buying and selling SOLVE tokens through the Care.Wallet.

Everyone should have an opportunity to buy SOLVE token in a few clicks and pay for healthcare services with it.

Every industry is severely affected by the egregious situation of the Covid-19 outbreak. Does it affect the growth of $SOLVE? What are your plans to turn challenges into opportunities for brand development?

– Pandemic has re-shaped business and life for everyone. As to healthcare it exposed and exacerbated the inefficiencies of the system. As everyone we were shook by the crisis but stayed focused on our mission as now it became more important than ever before. We started thinking about what immediate impact we can make on healthcare that will help millions of people in this new pandemic reality. That’s how the idea of Global Telehealth Exchange was born. We see it as a great opportunity for SOLVE token adoption and expanding of Solve.Care global presence.

Recently Sove.Care introduced “Global Telehealth Exchange”, that can connect every doctor to any patient. But, in which part of the world will it work first?

– The idea is to create the global network and provide easier access to healthcare around the globe. And we will be focusing more over on the overall number of physicians and patients, and so for the first launch we will consider countries based on their legislation, demand from physicians and English speaking users. This will most likely bring the focus down to 30 countries at first

How secure is this network? How do you ensure it will never fall down, be hacked or something will get leaked?

– Safety is incredibly important when it comes to data and even more important for healthcare data. Our CEO has decades of experience creating healthcare IT companies and knows very well of the importance of security.

– Solve.Care is designed to improve the security and privacy while also improving access and accountability in a manner that current centralized systems cannot accomplish. Every transaction that happens in Solve.Care is immutable, instantly verifiable by all authorized parties. The platform is designed to work with existing protocols, standards and formats of data while adding a decentralized audit trail for all events that occur at application and protocol level. Solve.Care protocol is expandable and serves as an envelope in which content in any format can be safely delivered to the right party for the right duration.

– Also, clients and community can expand the Solve.Care security model to address the needs of privacy and portability of data and still leverage their existing and planned security frameworks.

– Wow, great AMA! Great questions!

Thank you for this amazing community!

If you have more questions, please join Solve.Care Telegram Chat

We were glad to see the guest from Solve.Care with us! Looking forward to further cooperation!

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