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Protect Your Assets: Beware of Increasing Scams and Guarda Impersonators

Protect Your Assets: Beware of Increasing Scams and Guarda Impersonators

Dear Guarda Wallet users, at Guarda Wallet, we are dedicated to providing crypto security by offering you a safe and secure environment to manage your digital assets. However, we have recently noticed an uptick in fraudulent activities targeting our users. In light of this, we would like to re-emphasize the importance of vigilance and awareness when dealing with communication that purportedly originates from Guarda.

Guarda’s Official Channels and Emails

First and foremost, it is critical to note that all official communication from Guarda Wallet will come through our official channels or emails.

Our official emails include domains guarda.com or guarda.co. No other domains are legit.

Our official email addresses include: 

Official social media channels:

Make sure to verify any contact by cross-checking with our listed email addresses and social media accounts for crypto security. If you are unsure, please submit a request to verify whether you have been contacted by scammers on support.guarda.com. We will never contact you from an unfamiliar email address, phone number or on Telegram.

Social Media Platforms and Telegram

A special note about social media platforms: Guarda Wallet does NOT have a support team on Twitter. If you come across any accounts purporting to be Guarda Support on Twitter, please report these as they are fraudulent. We will also never initiate contact with you on Telegram. If someone claiming to be from Guarda reaches out to you first on Telegram, they are imposters. Please report them immediately.

Beware of Scams and Fraudulent Activities

Unfortunately, there has been a surge in scam attempts that involve impersonating our brand and staff. In most instances, these scammers claim to be affiliated with Guarda and attempt to trick you into providing sensitive information, such as your private keys, backups, passwords or funds.

Remember, Guarda Wallet does NOT have access to your funds. We do not control their flow and will never ask you to transfer your coins or tokens, share your private keys, backup files or passwords.

We Never Reach Out First

Guarda Wallet’s policy is that we never contact our users first, unless you have previously opened a ticket with our support. We respect your privacy and aim to provide crypto security and non-intrusive service. If you receive an unsolicited message claiming to be from Guarda, please confirm its legitimacy with our support team.

When in Doubt, Contact Us

If you are ever unsure whether a communication you’ve received is genuinely from Guarda Wallet, please immediately reach out to Guarda Support. We are here to help you distinguish legitimate communication from malicious attempts.

Mobile App: Settings — Help center — Online Help (you can chat with our support team online in the mobile app)

Website and Web App: Click on ‘Looking for help?’ button in the right bottom corner on the website or click on ‘?’ button in the web app to access Support Team Portal

Email: You can reach out to our support team via [email protected]

If you believe you’ve been contacted by a scammer impersonating us, please do not respond and contact our Support team right away. We will guide you through the process and make sure to take necessary measures to ensure your safety and the security of your digital assets.


As the digital asset industry continues to grow, so do the attempts of malicious actors trying to exploit innocent individuals. Guarda Wallet prioritizes your security above all else, and we work tirelessly to ensure your peace of mind when managing your digital assets.

Always be cautious and vigilant when handling communication related to your digital assets. Remember that your best defense against scams is your awareness and discernment. We are always here to help.

Stay safe, 

Your Guarda Wallet Team