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Mobile Multiwallet release

Mobile Multiwallet release

The all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet

Guarda introduces Mobile Multiwallet – the universal cryptocurrency wallet that helps users to store and manage multiple coins and tokens within one application.

In this article, you will find the Guarda multiple crypto wallet general review along with the helpful information on our new app.

According to a 2018 study, adults spend an average of 3 hours 30 minutes per day on their mobile devices. Smartphones are used for everyday activities, health tracking, online banking and what not. Guarda knows about the worldwide phone addiction and celebrates it with the release of our the best wallet for cryptocurrency – the Mobile Multiwallet. We combined the convenience of a wallet you usually put in your pocket and crypto wallet security. Let us explain everything in greater detail: Guarda Mobile Multi-currency wallet is a safe and user-friendly application for storing multiple cryptocurrencies in one place and accessing them instantly.

Guarda rethinking the light wallet tradition

The new crypto wallet application is a perfectly balanced blend of speed, comfort and performance.

Guarda is known for the top lightweight wallets designed to store, transfer, exchange and manage cryptocurrency assets with ease. We focus on privacy and comfort of our users and strive to make our products meet all your demands. With this in mind, we developed the Mobile Multiwallet.

To make the best cryptocurrency wallet of 2018-2019, our team carefully took all the advantages of our services, enhanced them and placed into one application. Guarda Mobile Multiwallet is the product that includes the usual handiness of our lightweight wallets as well as the new key features.

According to Guarda’s long-standing tradition, our mobile wallet is light and non-custodial. To make our product even more accessible, we imply no registration policy for all our services.

Downloading the app to your smartphone is enough to get access to a great variety of cryptocurrencies supported by Guarda wallets.

Besides that, Guarda was concerned with how many unnecessary steps our clients need to make to use multiple cryptocurrencies – the wallets, exchanges and services are separated, so the users need to navigate between them, wasting their time. Guarda Mobile Wallet is the top measure meant to solve this multitasking issue.

The features of Guarda Mobile Multiwallet include:

  • Storing a variety of cryptocurrencies in one easily accessible place
  • Swapping any of supported coins and tokens inside the application via built-in Exchange service
  • Making fast and simple transactions wallet-to-wallet
  • Securely purchasing cryptocurrencies in just a few easy steps

Besides what is already available on Mobile Multiwallet, Guarda is about to add:

  • Accessing the wallet with Touch ID
  • Swapping any coins and tokens inside the wallet
  • Sharing the wallet address on social media
  • Buying cryptocurrencies with bank cards

Accessing the account data has never been so easy

Guarda allows creating new wallets or restoring the backup on any device

To make the use process of Mobile Multiwallet even more pleasant, we made it possible to synchronise the data of one account on multiple devices.

Our clients can access their wallets and transaction history anywhere: on mobile, web and desktop versions of Guarda if they login into their account.  

Information shared securely

Despite the fact that the transactional information is shared between various devices, Guarda makes sure all your data is stored safely. Synchronising gadgets does not make one’s wallet vulnerable – Guarda security formulas allow us to transmit personal data from one device to another without slipping. Now, our users can restore their wallets, check the transactions or manage their coins anywhere, at any time.

Guarda Mobile Multiwallet is already available on Android and iOS – try our universal cryptocurrency wallet innovation, enjoy the convenience and leave your feedback!
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